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I had been building castles in the air regarding thinking all about having a website of my own. I was really tensed about this as I knew that it was very much important for me to create a website for my own. Let me describe the necessity of my having a website of my own and the use of a website builder. I used to be a graduate student with the enlistment of my name in top most students of my department. For this reason all the handouts and available notes on lectures were given to us by the professors. I thought of having a hosting and create a website of mine to spread out all those notes with my fellow classmates for which I needed a website builder. Another thing that happened with me was, I was completely unaware about the HTML, JavaScript, and Page designing etc. These were the only reasons behind my seeking a website builder.

Other classmates of my batch were fully detached from the computing sector which was a great pain for me to find out a website builder to create a website for my class notes. I firmly believed that I will create a website for not only spreading out all my class notes but also earning some money with them. I kept searching for a website building software that would have been helpful for me to design a website of mine. I found out lots of other website builders but when I installed them on my computer there were lots of bottlenecks that came out and hindered me to create a website. Then a friend of mine asked me to provide a review article on the BlueVoda website builder as I am a review article writer. I thought this time I have found something special to resolve my problem to create a website.

Eureka!!! I successfully installed BlueVoda website builder in about ten minutes after I have downloaded the setup file. I was just anxious about it that if it becomes the same as all other applications I have used before. Anyways I was well served by this software to create a website for me.

Firstly when I opened the website builder I was presented with three options including, open a new blank page to design or editing an existing web page or view the tutorial video of BlueVoda. I got started to create a website after I viewed their video tutorial. My first experience in BlueVoda was there collection of available templates for different website creation. This website builder also offered instant installation procedure for Joomla, WordPress, and phpBB etc. hosting. I designed all the pages myself and set up all the required buttons, menus, and other important tools to create a website for me.

While I was done with creating and designing all the pages and all appearances of my website then a new menace knocked my brain. The only question hovering around me was where to host my website? This question was also recognized and solved by BlueVoda website builder by VodaHost website hosting.

I’m prepared to host and create a website in their website hosting company and really I was amazed with their sky high services with such cheaper rates. My first requirement was almost fulfilled in this website builder and then the turn of my second requirement came. As I said that my purpose to create a website was not only for supplying the handouts or class notes with my friends but also I was seeking an income from this website. In this website builder I found an important tool for to increase my income and develop my website. The tool was related with several “PayPal” options to buy, subscribe or donate etc. for assistance to create a website for all of us. The PayPal button of this BlueVoda website builder really helped me to raise fund to create a website and develop them.

Now I have few more websites of my own and I firmly believe that I was facilitated with one of the best website building applications ever. For this reason, even at this stage if I design any website for my friends or others to help them spread out their skills and collect riches then I recommend them to use BlueVoda website builder to create a website whatever the purpose is and whatever the contents are.

The last statement on my part will be use BlueVoda website builder if you really mean to create a website for a greater goal achievement or if it means a source of income generation then you are definitely recommended to use it. However it also acts as an excellent tool for the pursuit of any other non-commercial endeavors.

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