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Making candles, stitching and painting have always been my hobbies which I pursued in my free time. Though I used to gift my artwork to family and friends, they in turn told me instead of just giving them as gifts, it was better if I started selling my artwork via the internet.

I knew that the internet was a great medium to do business. But the problem was that though I made so many things, I did not know how to create a website. I knew that the only way I could sell my ware online was with my own website, so I set about looking for a web designer to do it for me.

After some searching, I found a web designer I thought was competent and reasonable to hire to create a website for me. So after giving my ideas, the web designer designed and produced a website for me in a few days’ time.

Though he did consult me while building the website, I wasn’t actually happy with the end result. So I asked the web designer to make some revisions, but no matter what he did, I wasn’t happy with the website.

So at this point I decided it was better I learn how to create a website on my own. As I didn’t have the extra time or patience to attend classes, and my friend told me about the many website builders I could use to build a website, I finally started searching for some website builder software I could use.

While looking for website builders, I was disappointed to find that most of them required some basic knowledge of different programming languages to create a website. This was quite demoralizing to me. However I still kept on looking for a website builder, and my search proved worthy as I finally came across BlueVoda website builder.

This software is great to use to create a website as there’s no need of knowing any programming language at all to use it. In fact, me being a novice needed only a week to create a website using the website builder.

It was easy learning how to use the website builder to create a website. All I had to do was take a look at the video tutorials and read all the useful information posted on the forum. Moreover, anytime I faced an obstacle while creating my website, all I had to do was post questions on the forum, or approach customer care. I got instant answers that proved helpful in using the website builder to create a website.

I have to say it’s so easy using BlueVoda website builder to create a website. All you have to do is drag and drop the different elements of a website as you require on your website. There are also so many pre-designed templates available to choose from. So instead of wasting time crafting designs to use for my website, all I had to do was choose a template, make any required changes and use it to create a website that was professional looking enough to sell my craft work.

Though I used the website builder to create a website for promotional purposes first, after a few days, when I got comfortable with my website, I added some additional e-commerce features to it to make it easy to use it to conduct business on the internet.

I am really happy for finding this website builder to create a website. I got the website I wanted, without having to pay a penny for it. Yes, it is true; the website builder is available for free. All you have to do is visit its website, and click on its download link to download and install the software for you to use to create a website.

Moreover, it is not a onetime use software. You can use BlueVoda website builder to create as many websites as required as there are no restrictions on the type and number of websites you create.

All this proves that BlueVoda website builder is a great tool to use to create a website. To top it all, it also takes care of your hosting needs after you build your website. It has built in FTP wherein, which was great cause you just hit the publish button to host your website with VodaHost web-hosting, at a minimal fee with many features.

I didn’t actually mind this as it saved me the time and effort to search for a hosting provider. So if you too are considering using BlueVoda website builder to create a website, I do recommend you to do so.

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