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I have a business with car rental services and I wanted to start my own website. However, when I asked for quotes from website builders who create website, they gave me quite high rates and also delivery time was about two weeks. So, both budget and time was not suitable for me. I did not know what to do at first, I am not a technical person and I do not have sufficient knowledge about any website coding, linking and other web guidelines. I wanted to make a simple website where my customers can access my services and I can interact with my customer online. Moreover, my main target was to increase customer base through the online platform. Generally, a great website builder software to create website comes at a high price and it was not practical for me. It was then that I found BlueVoda website builder, I was simply surprised that I could begin to create website. It is free, simple and anyone can create website through this platform in 30-40 minutes only.

How BlueVoda helped me to create website:
I was easily able to download the website maker from BlueVoda official page and start to create website. It was very simple and the file does not occupy large space. Apart from that, the downloaded files are very safe and there is no spyware and viruses in it. Afterwards I started to build the website step by step as mentioned in the tutorial.

I know that online presence is very important for each business but the cost to create website is not affordable for startups like me. I was always looking for some website builder, which was affordable, and when I found BlueVoda, I created my own website within few minutes. As I said, I did not have any idea about the technical perspective, and BlueVoda does not require any HTML language also. However, before building a website, little basic knowledge is necessary and I learnt few things like navigation, flash, control bar, image map and customization from online portals only.

When I downloaded the file and ran the file on my computer, I found ready-to use web templates with images and backgrounds. The most attractive feature of BlueVoda to create website is the drag and drop option for header, backgrounds, images and other web elements. I just dragged the web elements, added content and some images specific to my business. It perfectly fits with the alignment. At BlueVoda website builder, it is very easy to upload the large content and image files and it takes a few seconds only. Apart from that, the animation and flash tool of this free website builder has helped me to add animated designs and video streaming on to my official page.

Advantages and attractive features, which helped me to create website:
When I decided to create website for my business, I wanted to have an interesting design. My business is related with the automotive segment and I was searching some similar templates from the website. When I visited BlueVoda website builder, I found some amazing colorful templates and all of these are available at free of cost. To create website I used these templates and I added header image buttons, ready-made form that come with the easy to use BlueVoda website builder tool.

For a responsive website, it is very important to create website with strong interface. With BlueVoda website builder, I can add pages, customize the navigation and I can easily add some rotational banner for my own company. It is really amazing that I can access lots of things free of cost. There are lots of tools in BlueVoda website builder platform which can help you to create website with customization, prompt navigation, header or banner templates, lots of colorful pages, images and graphics. With BlueVoda website builder you can create website and you can easily publish your website just with a single click. Other free website builder did not provide me these sufficient tools and I was not able to find these professional and responsive website builder templates and graphics on their sites. But when I downloaded and used BlueVoda to create website, I was easily able to find lots of things and I created my own official website within few minutes only. Now I have my own online presences and through my website, I can expand my business day by day.

Now you do not need to wait for website builder and you do not need to spend a huge cost to create website. Now you can create your website free of cost through BlueVoda website builder. Here I have found a strong customer support cell, which can provide you 24 hours backup support system. Apart from that, the tutorial video is also very helpful for everyone. I do not have any technical knowledge and I have learned all these things from the BlueVoda tutorials.

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