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I have been running a business for many years but as time went by my sales were dropping, so I decided I needed to create a website to increase my sales. However, the sheer idea of spending a fortune to create a website, made me delay it. A few months back, I was just surfing the web, looking for an easy and affordable way out to create a website. I even happened to download software posing to be the best website builder around. The downloaded software not only wasted my time, as it was so complicated, but also messed up my system. Spyware robbed my PC and it crashed! The money I was trying to save, some of it went to pay for the repair. Phew!

When the technician came to fix it, he suggested a trustworthy free website builder – BlueVoda. Though I was apprehensive initially due the nightmarish experience I just had, I could not ignore the technician’s recommendation. Therefore, I went to

Well, I was right to have listened to the technician. He had led me to the site on the internet that had the exact website builder that I was looking for. The website was straightforward and had no gimmicks. It explained how an inexperienced person, like me, could create a website in just a matter of 30 minutes! Unlike any other website builder, I did not have to fill a lengthy form. I just typed in my name and e-mail address. Soon, they sent a link to download the website builder to me. It was really very refreshing. I had been to so many other online website builders to create a website but no other website builder was quicker in responding than BlueVoda. This link gave me an access to a host of video tutorials. The tutorials were helpful, simple and seemed to have been tailor-made for a novice like me. Well, these surely boosted my morale. I got the confidence that I too could create a website of my own despite having no previous training or experience with this magical website builder.

As I progressed with the tutorials, I came across web templates. These templates can be used to create as many webpages as one needs. It means that you can create a website with as much detailed, as you want. Since my business involves selling flowers, this feature gave me a mind-blowing idea to create a website complete with a catalogue including pictures and a section of video tutorials about maintaining your flowers. BlueVoda is coolest website builder that actually thinks out of the box! I can say that with much assertion because this liberty to have unlimited webpages is not so widely available over the web.

Website building is no longer is a rocket science with this easy website builder, BlueVoda. There are numerous pre-designed logos to choose from, for your website. I had never dreamed that I could have a logo for my business too and that is free of cost! However, this was made possible as I sat to create a website for my business and I found that I had this wonderful option as well. What’s more! You can choose from a variety of backgrounds with brilliant effects. I certainly do not think any other website builder can let you have so many options when you decide to create a website.

The great thing I found about this website builder is that I did not need any special graphics program to create a website. BlueVoda website builder was competitive enough to provide me with the facility to edit, resize the graphics right there on the screen. No special investment was needed to make for my pictures.

Believe it or not! It took me only 25 minutes to create a website with all the features that I wanted to put in place. However, the best thing about this website builder was yet to come. BlueVoda one-click publishing feature let my website go live in an instant. Just a click and lo and behold! My website was on the net.

Now I tell you where I won with BlueVoda. Once I was through with designing my own website, I got the courage to create a website for my brother too. Well, that was just the beginning. The word spread that I was a good website designer. When I wanted to create a website, BlueVoda helped me create not just one with a professional look but many. Yes! BlueVoda lets you create any number of websites that you want. In fact, the word is infinite. Create infinite number of websites with ease and impact of a professional web designer. If you ask me, I can say without any doubt that if you want to create a website trust BlueVoda. It has proved to be the perfect website builder you can find right now on the Internet.

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