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As a travel agency we rely heavily on good publicity, we thought we would seek out a professional website builder who has similar success before choosing who to use to take care of our business! Website builders and people who design websites are not just some techno-freaks, these people are in charge of our businesses-that is how important websites are to businesses today. 85% of our business comes from tourists who purchase online from abroad; get that wrong and we are finished! Three years ago we had one guy who worked for us part-time, now we have seven and it is not an exaggeration to say that if we didn’t have an amazing website, we wouldn’t be enjoying the business we are right now with our website builder and create a website programs. Being a website builder is not scary; you just need to approach it in the right way.

I had started a travel service with two of my friends. It was really difficult for us to start a business because the banks didn’t give away loans so easily. So, we had to collect money from our own savings and some from the banks. But as a starter for the business it’s became more difficult in this huge competitive world to cope with others. And as you know now Internet is the best way to expose your business to the whole world. You can find anything you want from internet. So to make our little business successful and to make it popular we have decided to create a website so that everybody around the world can know us and participate with us in the traveling. We provide a really low cost traveling service to anywhere in the world.

When we looked for a professional website builder to create a website and design website, it was not that easy as they were out of our budget. We decided that we will create a website and also design website for our travel agency, but there was a major problem, none of us knew about HTML coding system! So we searched the internet for a website builder to help in our adventure to start to create a website and design website. We had found some website builder tools, but those tools were so complicated to design website that we felt out of our league. So we looked again for other website builder tools to design website. But they also turned out to be complex coding language which was out of our ability and knowledge. After all our frustration in trying to find a website builder to help us create a website and design website, one of our friends suggested to use BlueVoda website builder. He claimed that it is a really great tool to start to design website from scratch and you don’t need to know HTML. We decided to give it a shot. We read some articles and found it very user friendly website builder tool then we downloaded it for free of cost and the great part is it has many video tutorials to help guide you in every aspect. We got excited as we started our adventure to create a website and through the process to design website we found BlueVoda website builder such a user friendly tool to create a website and design website. This was possible because of BlueVoda website builder tool. You can also update your website any time you want without any problem.

With BlueVoda we have been able to use their website builder programs to create multiple websites! Create a website can be costly and to maintain it. A friend made the mistake of having a website created 7 years ago with a different company and paying the onetime charge and thinking that was that. She ended up having to pay extra for them to design website and more to add on extra pages. It doesn’t all stop at create a website, or when you have used a website builder. Create a website is not the science that people have been purporting it to be. It was always the same things we heard people saying;”leave it to the experts.” This is what companies want you to do, so they can keep getting paid thousands for doing something that everyone of us can do, with a little help from BlueVoda. We are all website builders; BlueVoda just makes U realize that!

The most appealing thing for us about BlueVoda was that on their website you could actually download free logos to help create a website. We went through some hardship 18 months ago where an unsatisfied customer ran a smear campaign against us and we literally had to change the name of our business and all the pictures and logos that went with it. We were simply able to find a new logo, adopt it, then change the color and background of our design website-this all done without the help of experts. That is the great thing about BlueVoda that you can use their tools design website and to create a website, without the hindrances of checking with someone else!

However, should you need help to create a website or the design website of your own; they are there to help. We found them to be friendly and helpful, without patronizing you in the process to create a website. Some companies have you waiting for hours online, telling you that someone “will be with you shortly” but every time we had to contact BlueVoda support, it was literally just a click away. Other website builder programs are not the same; check the reviews online. That is what we did and whilst others might offer to create a website and act as a website builder, you will end up paying extra for amendments to design website.

BlueVoda website builder is the most awesome software that we have ever used in our life. We were able to design website with their amazing templates that they have available. Now the process to create a website and design website is very easy with the BlueVoda website builder. We uploaded and post our business details, pictures, videos and made an excellent website so that visitors could feel a warm welcome when they visit our site. You don’t need to have knowledge about design website and coding language, if you use BlueVoda to create a website. This is the most appropriate tool for the beginners like us to create a website and to design website. BlueVoda has the 100% ability to help you create a website and design website and it is a great experience.

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