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As a member of a band who are struggling to hit the big time, the BlueVoda website builder helped us to reach out to our fans on a low-budget. Everyone knows that the internet is the way to go when it comes to making it as a successful artist; we already had our Facebook page but needed a website to look even more professional. We found someone who said his trade was website design however for the features and abilities that his proposed site consisted of, well, I would say it looked like it had been made by a two-year old.

We started investigating our alternatives and we found out that you can, in fact, learn how to build a website by simply using a website builder program. Apparently they take all the hassle out of website design and make it easy for you to learn how to build a website to the standard you want and with just the look that you want. Immediately, I hit the internet and started downloading website builders by the dozen. I was getting more and more disappointed however, as a lot of them had very basic features or you had to put up with advertisements on your site or their usage wasn’t simple in the least. It was beginning to look like learning how to build a website was not going to be that easy.

I eventually came across the BlueVoda website builder which promised practically unlimited abilities when it came to website design. It also promised to teach you how to build a website with its online website builder tutorials. The BlueVoda website builder was different in that you built the website and then for a small fee uploaded it to a hosting account.

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I was prepared to go with this as it was a minuscule amount and compared to the quote that the website design guy had given me and well, I was saving massively. I spent a couple of hours reviewing the BlueVoda how to build a website tutorials and started getting very excited when I found out what I could do when it came to website design. Learning how to build a website was easy with the simple terms and examples that the BlueVoda website builder tutorials offered.

I used the templates, logos and headings that were stored in the BlueVoda website design gallery and after creating the basic design I started uploading videos of the band playing by simply watching the tutorials. I also made a page where fans could leave their messages for us. We have a decent following now and all because of BlueVoda website design builder. I had faith again in sites that promise to teach you how to build a website.

The coolest thing about BlueVoda website builder is that any time I want to upload a new video or make changes to our website design, then all I have to do is enter a password and I can make all these changes myself. Website design turned out to be as easy as ABC; not only did I learn how to build a website but I also learned how to maintain it.

Thanks to the guys on the BlueVoda website builder forum, I also learnt a couple of SEO techniques and now we are receiving a lot of visitors to the site that would not have normally found us. If you want to learn how to build a website then simply head across to find the BlueVoda website builder. It does everything you’ll need to build a website and enables you to construct a website design that will match those of the professionals. Learning how to build a website has never been easier.

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