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When I was thinking of contacting a web design firm for launching a new site for my janitorial business, a friend told me that hiring a firm to create website may be the easy and preferable option but at the same time it would be very costly and all the more since I had limited funds and was just starting out from scratch. She suggested that I learn how to make a website using some ready to use software tool.

So I started out with a little research on the web in order to find a suitable article that could explain to me how to make a website and help me to create website on my own. When I was trying to find out how to make a website I soon came across many an interesting website builder and they all claimed to be the best.

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With a little further online research I came to learn of the BlueVoda website builder which could help me create website, design and maintain it without the need for any programming knowledge. Instantly, I realized this was just my cup of tea, the exact thing I was looking for to show me how to make a website and help me to create website. I rightly chose the BlueVoda website builder tool after a lot of comparisons with other website builder software. The BlueVoda create website tool is a free drag and drop create website program which can be downloaded in moments and with this distinctive website builder you can instantly start finding out how to make a website. I am glad that I realized that my friend was speaking sense and that I needed to be careful with my how to make a website venture and not hire anyone for the job without exploring my options first.

After going through the BlueVoda website and the tutorials thereon, I felt I had attained enough knowledge on how to make a website with a competitive edge using this create website tool. I faced not a single problem while learning how to make a website using the BlueVoda website builder. I couldn’t believe that I could create website successfully without any idea of how to make a website, no knowledge of HTML, coding or programming. Soon I got my site up live using the BlueVoda web hosting solution and one thing that surprised me the most was that the website I created with the BlueVoda website builder started churning in revenue and converting sales within the first couple of weeks. Moreover, with the BlueVoda website builder I also had the option of updating my site and adding new pages whenever I felt like. Since then I have been recommending that all my friends use this unique drag and drop website builder, which is genius when it comes to create website.

Moreover, one of the added advantages of using the BlueVoda website builder instead of any conventional create website tool or available website builder software is that it allows the making of an e-commerce site as well. With this website builder I can make as many sites as I want. So, if you want to know how to make a website without the need for a professional, BlueVoda is the tool to trust.

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