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The website maker that has earned my respect

There is nothing like BlueVoda website builder. It is really the best website maker in the world. I had been wondering how to build website when BlueVoda website maker helped me out. I don’t know, my friends call me crazy but it irked me that we Indians have forgotten our heroes who fought for our freedom from the British especially Mahatma Gandhi whom we had given the title “Father of the Nation”. The Nation is still there and very soon might become a global power but the Father, is now a mere figure on the Rupee note. Isn’t it a pity but I hate it. Some politicians even have the audacity to call him an actor! They are building statues of themselves but have forgotten the greatest man ever born on this soil. I was very disturbed. So I decided to build website to bring consciousness among the people and make them realize the importance of our freedom fighters.

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I asked some website maker to build website for me. But they were asking for too much money. But I did not know how to build website. I decided to check the Internet to find some solution. I came to know that there were automated website maker which help you to build website. I searched many website maker but I couldn’t understand any of them. But this issue was bothering me and I desperately wanted to build website. Suddenly out of the blue a website builder flashed before me. The name was BlueVoda website builder.

BlueVoda website builder had fantastic features and free of cost. It provided unlimited free Templates, Webpage Background and Logos. In addition, BlueVoda website builder gave the option to insert video clips and free images. I downloaded and installed BlueVoda website builder and started to build website but very hesitantly. BlueVoda website maker provided a working space like MS Word and the whole process became so easy. The website builder also gave a Drag & Drop option to place the icons. In addition, BlueVoda website maker had video Tutorials to teach how to build website. The Customer care Representatives of BlueVoda website maker helped me if I had any problem.

Believe me, it was such an enjoyable experience. I employed all my imaginative skills and had the time of my life. It took me only a couple of hours to build website. I had uploaded the images and the facts related with Mahatma Gandhi. I also uploaded some scenes from the film “Gandhi” to show his struggle for Indian Independence. It was a brilliant website, thanks to BlueVoda website maker. With a web hosting account my website was live on the Internet.

BlueVoda website builder enabled me to build website but I was so nervous about the response. But very soon I started receiving response. Quite a few people signed up on my website and all of them showed concern. They had utmost respect for Mahatma Gandhi. My friends saw my website and very excitedly asked me “Who is the website maker?” I laughed aloud. Can you imagine, next week, all of us have decided to organize a charity show in the honor of Mahatma Gandhi. Really BlueVoda website builder has helped to bring this awakening, even if it is in a small way. This website builder has really earned my respect.

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