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How to make a website? What is an automated website builder? How to create website? I had no idea whatsoever. I wouldn’t say that I was completely clueless as far as the Internet is concerned but I surely did not know how to make a website. Most of my friends were mechanical engineers but as they would say, there is always a black sheep in the group.

I had decided to start my own business. My friends were adamant that we live in the information world, and a business can succeed only if it can reach the minds of people before others can. I questioned what this had to do with how to make a website. For me, advertising would mean word-of-mouth publicity as well as advertisements in magazines and newspapers. How to make a website to promote my business was not on my mind.

After giving it much thought and after further lectures from my buddies, I decided to create a website but not via the conventional route of hiring web designers; I wanted to do it myself. So then, really, how to make a website? I searched over the Internet to find ways to create website using an automated tool; I felt that if I could learn how to make a website by myself I would be able to modify my website in future without taking help from others. There were some posts on forums on the Internet under the thread topic of: how to make a website. I read over a hundred posts to get the answer to my question of how to make a website. None of these posts on how to make a website really offered a practical answer to help me get started creating my website.

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One fine day while I was surfing the Internet, I stumbled upon BlueVoda. I had not heard anything nor had I read anything about this website builder beforehand and I wondered if this could be the automated website builder to create a website that I had been looking for. I just could not believe that a website builder could help me create website just like a website designing professional? I had heard that to create website a number of tools is required and I also knew that companies pay thousands of dollars to web designers to create website. I was determined to learn how BlueVoda could help me to create website and with this in mind, I read over the website of this website builder. The demo video of this website builder gave me an insight on how a website builder works to create website.

The reviews on the website (as well as in the other folds of the internet) of the BlueVoda website builder helped me a lot. They gave me a true picture of this website builder that was known to create website that looks good, in no time. I downloaded BlueVoda (it’s available for free which is a massive bonus) and started learning how to create website using it. With no requirement of HTML code-writing and the other more complicated web designing skills, BlueVoda helped me create website in less than two hours. What an achievement for a non-technical person like me! I couldn’t believe it; only just after getting my hands on BlueVoda, I had learned how to add Flash as well as other visually attractive features to my website in no time. I did not have to create my own designs from scratch, either; there were quite a large number of pre-designed templates available with BlueVoda website builder. It’s exactly the answer to how to make a website that I was looking for.

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