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As an administrator for my little polytechnic, I was given a project to create website for the institution by the management. In all my years I have learned the basic operations of the computer, just typing documents, doing e-mail, maintaining some records pertaining to work on the little office computer. I browse websites on internet quite often but don’t have any technical knowledge about how to make a website. In our college days we were hardly kept informed about the computer, I am talking of the situation some 30 years back, when they were still about the size of a small elephant.

With no knowledge of how to make a website, my project to create website either required me to learn computer programming or to hire a professional website builder. For me to learn computer programming to create website was, I felt (and let’s not mince words), impossible. I was confused and did not know what to do next. In such a situation I thought to ask guidance from my friend who is with an IT company (he keeps himself abreast with all changes in the field of computer – and sends me funny e-mails). After hearing me out patiently, he told me that to create website is not at all a problem nowadays. I was quick to reply that I didn’t know anything about how to make a website. He explained me that there are number of readymade website builder software available that will create website for you in no time. It was here that I was told about the BlueVoda website builder.

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I used the internet to learn more about BlueVoda, the website builder. I thought it was ever so good that I was given a free website builder tool for my project to learn how to make a website by BlueVoda. The beauty of this tool to create website is that it is very easy to understand and use. Anybody who knows English can work with this website builder tool and will be able to create website in no time at all. My mission (which I chose to accept), how to make a website for my polytechnic was accomplished in almost no time. Oh, I forgot to mention that along with the website builder tool BlueVoda provided me in-depth video and text tutorials on how to make a website, which made the task a lot easier.

The step by step tutorials on how to make a website was just ideal for person like me who does not know any programming techniques to create website. The developers of the BlueVoda website builder have kept people with no computer programming knowledge in mind. I loaded all the info of my poly which might be of interest to prospective clients into the website I designed with this website builder tool and showed the management. They were very pleased to see the website and the first question raised was: what was the cost I suffered to create website? Purse strings tightened. My answer was it is almost free (had to pay a little for hosting of course). Everyone wanted to know about the website builder who did this work for free. I told them it was BlueVoda.

The next thing that everyone wanted to know was how to make a website? The university management meeting turned out to be a training class on how to make a website. I was explaining all the steps involved in website creation, the BlueVoda way. I was seen as a computer expert in website designing. All through the presentation on how to make a website, I was asked many questions and every question to create website was explained by me very professionally. Thanks a million to BlueVoda and their tutorials on using this fantastic website design tool.

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