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I was frantically looking around for an affordable website builder that could show me how to build a website without charging too much when a friend of mine pointed out the BlueVoda website builder. He himself had the experience of having used the BlueVoda website builder for creating the official website for his restaurant business and suggested that I use it as well. In the beginning I was a little apprehensive in believing that this website design software has actually enabled users to find out how to build a website without having to pay anything for domain registration or transferring the domain once it is time for hosting the site. As I started using this website builder I actually realized that the first domain name registration or domain name transfer was absolutely free with this BlueVoda website design software.

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As you start off on the journey of how to build a website, the BlueVoda website builder doesn’t just offer you pretty extensive guidance on learning the various aspects on how to build a website design and creating an extensively attractive site but also takes care of your domain name registration or transferring part without any charges at all. The BlueVoda website builder helps you to create a website right from scratch even if you are not at all tech savvy, charging only small hosting fees when you finally plan to upload the web pages. Which other website builder could possibly give you all of that? In general many of the other website builder software on the market come free of cost but that is only for a particular period of time. Thereafter if the users plan to use it they are expected to pay a nominal cost for the purpose. The BlueVoda website builder itself doesn’t even charge a cost as you can download the how to build a website software directly on to your PC and then go on with the website design process completely at your own discretion.

In addition to free registration or free transferring of domains, the BlueVoda how to build a website software also offers a plethora of free templates and free image editors for its users while they create website design and try to find out how to build a website. These tools can be used for the purpose of graphical editing of high quality for the website design that the users create. In case you have the primary purpose of buying into hosting companies that offer free of cost how to build a website software, the BlueVoda website builder has to be the best choice you can make for your website design venture. The fact that this website design tool is completely free to use opens up a number of interesting and useful opportunities for the beginners who have no idea of how to build a website. This how to build a website software gives them ample scope to play around while they go on learning the website design and building process. They also get plenty of time to decide on the software before they finally make up their mind to upload the website design to VodaHost, the server of BlueVoda.

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