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Hi, my name is Cathy, mother of 4 lovely children. I have two websites that I manage daily. A professional developer created the first site while the other one is free of charge since I created it using an amazing website builder. Anyway, I wanted to share my story, my experiences with using BlueVoda website builder to inspire other stay at home moms looking for work to create website they can use to make money online.

I started working online 6 years ago when my youngest son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. My son Jacob that is his name has a mind of a 2 year old and he is now 8 years old. Anyway, I quit my 9-5 job to take care of my son personally. It is a tough decision, because my husband’s income is not sufficient to cover the expense of a family of six. To augment the family income, I make delicious cookies and tarts at home, which I would sell, to friends, and neighbors. One of my best friends suggested I put up a website to sell my products. After thinking long and hard, I decided to follow her advice.

I hired a professional developer to create website for my home based business. It took them almost a month to finish. I would not have minded waiting if only the website adheres to my instructions, but it did not. Unfortunately, I had paid an advance so there was nothing I can do, but be careful the next time I needed a website. When I again needed a website, I decided not to hire a website developer but instead I opted to create website using free website builder. Take note, I have researched about website builder, so I’m well aware of the fact that there are software’s that allows people to create website without knowledge in html.

When I first learned about BlueVoda website builder, I was excited to try it. I read a lot of positive comments and even negative ones, but I never allowed the negative feedback to stop me from trying this website builder. I am the type of person who only believes in what I experience and see, not hearsay. That’s why, I downloaded the website builder to my computer and proceeded to create website right away. I did not waste a single minute, as I am desperate to create website for less or free. Anyhow, I immediately watched the video tutorials that come with the software. After watching, I followed the step by step process to create website for the first time.

Honestly, I was not so scared even though it was my first time to create website as the videos discussed the procedure to create website. Plus the drag and drop feature of the website builder simplified the process to create website. The image library that contains hundreds of downloadable website headers, templates, backgrounds definitely made my task less complicated, and enabled me to create website I can be proud to show off. They also have a 24/7 customer support, luckily I never needed their help.

I am also impressed with the website builder because it is possible to create website as many websites with it. In fact, it also allows the creation of multiple web pages without a hassle. I totally dig the fact, as I finally finished the website I liked, the one that my previous professional developer failed to do for me. Remember, I never liked my first website so I hired another professional website developer to redo it and add the features that were not included before.

Anyway, when I finally completed my second website, I was astonished by the website builder capabilities. Its “one click publishing” has allowed me to publish my site minutes after I am done with it. If you are not impressed, I don’t know what will impress you, because I was blown away. I just created an account with VodaHost, the sister company of BlueVoda for my website hosting. Once I received my confirmation, I just clicked the published button on the website builder dashboard then viola, my site went live. I did not do anything after I finished my website, except click the publish button.

One more thing, the website builder has no spyware or adware. It is very clean unlike some of the programs I tried. Yes! BlueVoda website builder is not the only website builder I tried in my quest to create website without paying a lot of money. I highly recommend this website builder to people who wish to create website for personal or business use. I look forward to using the software to create website for future online business.

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