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Simple and hassle free are words that best describe BlueVoda, a highly effective website builder. As a webmaster, I have encountered several software or tools that let people create a website from scratch even without prior education or experience, and as far as I know, BlueVoda is the most easy to use website builder available in the market these days.

Why did I say, BlueVoda is probably the best website builder tool in the market, nowadays. Well, I have three websites and two of them were created using BlueVoda, without any assistance from anyone. I did not hire a professional website builder or designer because there is no need to do so, as the simplicity of the software can let anyone create a website fast. In fact, my website went live the next day, even I was astonished at myself, as I never thought that one day I could create a website without professional help and more so after the difficulties with my first website.

My very first website was created by a web developer and designer introduced to me by a friend, as an expert in the field. At first, after paying the initial down payment everything was fine, but after two weeks there was little progress and that is when I noticed that not only the development is slow but also the website is not according to what I ordered. I mean the quality and level of work is not what I have expected especially from an expert. In short, I spent a considerable sum of money for a website I wasn’t one hundred percent satisfied.

My bad experience with my first website has made me more cautious with dealing with people who called themselves expert, as I do not want to spend large sum of money again for something I know is not what I want. So, the day I decided that I need another website, I made sure that I was not going to make the same mistake again, which is why I research for the best website or learn how to create a website and my search led me to BlueVoda, the website builder.

But of course, before BlueVoda there are other website builders that I have come across that promises to help create a website. I admit, a tried a couple of them even pay for a website builder that sounded really good, but in reality difficult to use. The software promises an easy way to create a website, but unfortunately, again I was just disappointed. Nevertheless, it paved the way for me to find BlueVoda, the website builder.

By the way, BlueVoda drag and drop button feature, no experienced necessary and no html knowledge required is what attracted me to the website builder, the first time I read about it. Then, when I finally start to create a website using the software, my hunch that the website builder is definitely worth my time were  confirmed, by the almost never-ending pre-designed templates to choose from that makes it fun to create a website.

You see, BlueVoda does not only allow anyone to create a website quickly but the software also designed to make it easier to create a website anytime someone wants to start an online business. Additionally, BlueVoda one-click system further made it clearer not just to me but also to those who keep on discouraging me from using the website builder that it is possible to create a website and make it live in seconds, even if you have no prior experience or knowledge about it.

Furthermore, BlueVoda even allows me to create a website and not just one website but two and even more, if I want as there is no restriction because they allow unlimited creation of websites. Come to think of it! Anyone can create a website as long as they are willing to let their imagination go, just like what I did with my third website the one I just recently finished working on, using BlueVoda website builder.

BlueVoda is simply a website builder that works, as promised. This software is very functional, completely clean, as I did not find any adware or spyware inside, unlike some of the website builder software I have tested and come across. They even have video tutorials to help people without experience in website development. Take note, I find the tutorials to create a website very useful, most especially when I’m just starting to learn about the software.

BlueVoda based on my own personal experience is definitely the best website builder, and my two websites is a confirmation that this is a must try software when you want to create a website hassle free, and fast.

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