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Designing a website isn’t easy, as it comes with a lot of challenges. I needed a site for my coaching classes and did not have the budget to get a website designed professionally. I tried using a few popular website builder programs, but in vain. So, I was looking for one to create website without any hassle. That’s when a parent of one of my students recommended

To be very honest, I did not pay much attention to what she said about BlueVoda to create website as I thought all website making programs are the same. So, I did my part of research well before finalizing on this website builder tool.

My experience with BlueVoda website building program to create website was unexpectedly superb. It is a downloadable application, which I had to download and install on my PC. The first thing that strikes about this create website tool is that it is a drag and drop website builder. The best thing about this website builder is that it has no in-browser editor. It is an offline website building kit.

Basic Features of BlueVoda:
When I first heard about BlueVoda, I thought to check out its basic features, and was quite pleased! To be honest, it was rather an easy website builder with no HTML knowledge requirement. What I have understood after using this builder is that it is ideal for novices, trying to create website with good meaning and gain proper attention from prospective clients.

• BlueVoda is known to be an easy to use website builder mainly because of its drag and drop quality.

• Moreover, this website builder does not require the user to use any HTML based web designing knowledge.

• To create website easily, this website builder has pre-designed website templates for creating a website.

• There are unlimited web page creation options available from a single source to create website.

• Most importantly, this website builder comprises of “one click publishing” to help your website go live within seconds.

• Without any restriction, you can create website in any number.

Flexibility at its Best:
This website builder is solely meant for creating simple, professional looking websites. This website builder does not require any custom coding, which is great for novices! Moreover, you can also incorporate shopping cart if that is a business requirement.

In my endeavor to create website through this simple website builder, I made use of the following elements, all by just dragging to the page:

• Images and flash
• Web page backgrounds
• Contact forms
• Logo

Apart from that, this website builder helped me to create website in the fastest manner. It is easy to add guestbook feature too. Moreover, to create website using BlueVoda, basic SEO is also followed. I can always trust this builder when it comes to edits.

Alternatively, this website builder helps in exporting and importing HTML pages in or to the editor, whenever it is needed the most. To help create website, this builder comes with FTP support and even has the ability to add some of the complex forms.

So, this website creation tool offers some important tools, which helps in setting up of the site. It will not take more than 15 to 20 minutes for you to learn ways to create website and work on its control panel. For me, this builder is way more intuitive than what I had actually anticipated! So I would say that BlueVoda helps you to create a stunning, functional website. This program is clean and does not make your computer slow. It has no spyware/adware.

Very Affordable & Responsive:
BlueVoda is FREE, you just need to pay a nominal amount for web hosting. Considering the benefits my website would give me, I thought hosting amount I can easily afford. Moreover, they have a very responsive customer support that is always ready to answer the queries proactively.

Helping My Profession Big Time:
Other than being the best flexible website builder to help create website, BlueVoda gave my coaching business a huge boost. I have my phone always ringing for enquiries, since the time my website has become live. So, this website creation tool is always the one I would prefer using to create website and will also recommend others to do the same.

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