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I had this big task of creating a website for the company I work for and I just didn’t know how I might go about it and wanted to initially try to create website. How to make a website was turning into a big problem. I decided to surf the web to find some good free download of a website builder. I was wondering about how to make a website, where I had to spend less time downloading software and also working on it. Many of the free website builders were not actually obtainable free and had a catch somewhere or the other but then I came across this BlueVoda website builder which was absolutely free to create website with. So, I downloaded BlueVoda website builder, found out that it was actually quite simple to create website of my choice and design. Accordingly, I also discovered that if I wanted I could publish the website to the internet almost straight after I create website. This BlueVoda website builder is a free downloadable program of 4.3 MB size and it has made my task of how to make a website easy to deal with now.

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I took hints and tips from the video tutorials and got started as soon as I had installed the software. The ready-made templates enabled me to choose the right theme for my website even if I did not know how to make a website design. There is a free client FTP which connects to the software`s servers too and BlueVoda has a great interface and the program is quite small. It takes a little over thirty minutes to create website with mostly drag and drop features simplifying my task of how to make a website. An extremely user friendly interface similar to MS Word makes my task simple and easy to follow while being extremely cost effective too.

My website was published in a matter of a few hours with this website builder; we were able to start making money without having to invest any on rip-off website designers. Images and video could be dragged and dropped into the website while I was laboring to create website, embedding them into my website. I was immensely happy with the website Builder for two main reasons – Firstly I learnt how to make a website and secondly I was able to create website of my own and secondly.

People still are in a general state of incapability about how to make a website. There really is no need to learn HTML and other coding tools so you can create website here though and anyone can get into operation with the website builder using a little knowledge that they might create website for themselves. If you want to publish your website, you could do it for a very small fee but other than this website builder is absolutely free.

It consists of several forms, tools and formats which are easily customizable to my our your needs. The website builder is totally user friendly and the customer support were there  to help me in my questions on how to make a website. I found I could use it easily since it has the ability to make boxes and objects without insurmountable number of graphics in built templates. I did not waste time on loading of the images and the task of how to make a website was just like I was making a drawing of the website in total.

I now have been recommending this software to all my friends and colleagues about getting more out of being able to really create website easily, at no cost really. They are generally interested to know how to make a website and I’m happy to oblige.

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