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A web editor is a necessary element or item to start creating your own website. A good web editor is nothing but a software application that allows you to develop webpage without errors. Web editor automatically detects syntax errors in code and fixes errors as you continue to build the website. A web editor also works as a tool to add or modify the content of the webpage that you are creating. This modification consists of editing templates, adding and omitting text content and modifyng other web elements. There are numbers of website editors available in the market now a day which are free to download from the internet. Among those website editors, BlueVoda as a web editor gives you the complete freedom is web designing while you are using its powerful tools for creating a website. You will be easily able to create your own website with this user-friendly website builder. This powerful web editor comes at your fingertips at, where you can download it at no cost.

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The most powerful feature of BlueVoda is that, it does not need any knowledge about website programming or any web editor functionality. BlueVoda professionally manages html code manipulation task in the background, and gives an easy to use WYSIWYG editor to its. By using drag and drop facility of this web editor, user can easily add or set a place where a web element should be located in a webpage. Thus it makes the entire job of website editing into a really simple task. You can choose lots of website templates which are available in BlueVoda’s built-in library manager and you can apply them to your website. You do not even need to build a website starting from a zero using BlueVoda web editor, as there are many ready to use web templates inside this web editing software. You can start to import the website content after choosing a web template that you like when you create a website. So, BlueVoda web editor processes your command in a GUI manner and puts valid and optimized W3C compliant HTML codes as the webpage output. BlueVoda has an intelligent built-in preview button by which you can preview the output website in the browser which has been just created by you. Thus you can easily view the website changes you have made before you create a web site.

Before you make a plan about how to create your own website, you have to install BlueVoda web editor in your PC. BlueVoda web editor is freely downloadable from the website BlueVoda supports almost every windows platforms. Additionally this web editor consumes very little amount of hard disk space and computer system resources to create your own website.

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