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I’ve been using the BlueVoda website builder for a while now as my site creating software and I really like it. I think as long as you keep your web page fairly simple it really does the job. It sets you free from having to write all the content code yourself (WYSIWYG) and keeps you inspired by showing you what the final product will look like! It just works as a website designer and is really easy to operate. I’ve never seen a WYSIWYG html editor that allows you to drag content around the page and then place it as you see fit. Also all the website is created in layers which really makes for a tidy and modern looking website.

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I’ve built three websites with BlueVoda so far and I’m definitely going to keep on using it to create a website more.

This lets you make conscious decisions about the design of the webpage you are creating or even change your mind about some of the styling as you go. There are loads of tutorial videos on the website to talk you through most of the functions. So I recommend BlueVoda to anyone who is going about a DIY website. Most definitely! It’s cheap and cheerful, has loads of features for very many kinds of content that you might want to put on your website like videos and images and tables. It lets you create a really stylish piece of work but I do recommend that you KEEP IT SIMPLE in a sort of less-is-more-vein. It’s free guys, I’d check it out.

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