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I had been working with a website designer and developer to complete my website on e-commerce. My website deals with selling movie tickets. I had tied up with multiplexes and movie distributors to automate the entire ticketing system. Before deciding to design website for my business, my company would operate through a unique phone number that allowed customers to book tickets, learn about current movie shows through the automated IVR system. A website was important to provide an identity to my business on the World Wide Web. However, going down the conventional route of website creation turned out to be just not my cup of tea. It was hence that I decided to use a piece of website builder software to design website for myself and the next I found myself doing with my time was to find a website builder for my website creation.

A simple Google search for a website builder or website creation software to design website returned thousands of results. This left me confused. However, I was quite lucky to find a website builder called the BlueVoda. This website builder turned out to be everything that I had desired to design website. Right from the look and feel to the functionality, BlueVoda never disappointed me. While other types of website creation tools required basic knowledge of HTML, BlueVoda website builder did not ever ask for HTML knowledge. I did not have to learn website development languages to understand the functioning of BlueVoda. The user friendly platform of BlueVoda swept me off my feet.

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I read in one of the reviews of BlueVoda that it could help design website in less than an hour. I did not at all believe in this initially. However, just after using BlueVoda website builder for a week, I started believing in its promises. There were innumerable pre designed web templates that let me choose the right template for my website. There was no limitation to creating web pages with BlueVoda website creation tool. I could easily design website with unlimited web pages using BlueVoda website creation platform.

I did not have to purchase a separate web hosting service. BlueVoda website builder also provides professional web hosting. This was particularly good as I did not have to run here and there for quality web hosting. With BlueVoda website creation tool, I had complete peace of mind. Not only did I learn how to design website, I also honed my skills of website creation using advanced functionalities. I could easily publish my website on the Internet using the one click publishing button of BlueVoda website builder. It would be worthwhile to mention that the video tutorials of BlueVoda helped me understand how to design website without any external help.

I had always wondered how to design website with a website creation tool. In fact the idea of an automated website creation platform to design website never crossed my mind. But BlueVoda made me believe in its promises. This website builder delivered what it promised.

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    A really well written post, thank you for your hard work, please keep it up. I’ve found a lot of information which will help all who wants to create a website.

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