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Bonnie is a 62 year old sculptor. She promotes her work at the local farmers markets on weekends for extra money to supplement her retirement checks.  Everyone tells her how talented she is and that she should do more to promote her work.  Bonnie has no computer experience other than the emails she sends to her two daughters and relatives.  Create website seems unlikely and she has continued to rent her stand on the weekends at the market as the months pass. Eventually, when one of her daughters comes to visit, Bonnie is introduced to the BlueVoda website builder. She is hesitant, but decides to watch the tutorials to get a feel for the software. The tutorials eliminated all of her inhibitions and encouraged her to believe in herself and give it a try. Bonnie found the templates and based her website design on the provided graphics. Bonnie took photos of all of her current pieces of work and was able to upload them to her web page. She used the Lightbox feature to display the photos evenly.  Bonnie worked on her website in her free time and was able to create website that was 8 pages for her sculptures. She handed out business cards with her new website address at the farmers market and quickly bumped up her sales and notoriety.  She now has a new gallery where she displays her work to the public 5 days a week, and thanks to the BlueVoda website builder, she has an amazing website that displays her work to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Bonnie doesn’t work on the weekends anymore. She is satisfied with her business efforts and no tells her anymore that she needs to do more to promote her sculptures.

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