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Debbie was a housewife, who wanted to enter the job market when her children grew up and no longer needed her close supervision. She discovered that she had too much spare time after she finished her usual household chores.  Before her marriage, she was an excellent Administrative Assistant, efficient, hard working and honest.  She continued with her career after her marriage as well, but when the kids arrived one by one, she had to discontinue and as her husband was earning a good salary and they were comfortably off there was no need for her to continue working after she became a mother. Though she continued to upgrade her computer skills, website builder and people who create website were very far from her world.  She thought of create website to write a blog, but was not able to find a suitable website builder and gave up the idea. Many years passed and Debbie settled in her comfortable groove that revolved around children, husband, church and charity work. Soon her youngest was in High School, her other two kids were in college and she had too much spare time.  She mulled over her options and decided to start a second career marketing her organizing skills, but she was a realist and knew that she would not get a job in the real world.  She decided to work as a virtual assistant, working online from her home.  However, to attract prospective employers she needed to create website and her younger son who was a computer geek informed her that she needed to engage a website builder to create website.

Debbie faced a serious dilemma, she had very little money of her own and she did not want to plough her husband’s hard earned money in a project that was still in infancy stage.  She started to browse internet to learn how to create website and contact a reliable website builder. In the beginning she had some idea of borrowing a small sum of money from her husband to engage a professional website builder.  However, as she delved deeper into the alien world of the internet she found that the modest sum of money she had set aside for this project would not be enough to cover the initial cost of engaging a website builder who could then create website in her name. Debbie was not going to be defeated by such minor roadblocks, the project create website and find a reliable website builder had become her passion.  Her family also enthusiastically supported her and Mum’s Project became a topic of conversation.

Debbie was aware that in order to attract good clients, she needed to create website that looked professional and show case all her skill as an efficient virtual assistant. She needed a professional website builder.  Time passed and Debbie was getting nowhere with her search, till her eldest son heard from some friends the name BlueVoda a website builder that was free and provides tools for individuals to create websites of their own. He rushed home and told Debbie, who logged on the website immediately.

She found a virtual treasure trove of useful apps and step by step instructions how to create website. The website builder had a number of templates, many designs to create logos, letterheads, and create a background for the website.  Debbie discovered that she can create website highlighting general skills and the website builder gave her option to attach a number of pages that can be accessed from the main website.  Mum’s Project became a common project and everyone pitched in enthusiastically.

The project was in its final stages, the main website was almost ready to go one line when someone discovered that you have to be registered with a service provider if you put your website online.  Again the website builder came to the rescue and Debbie discovered that she only had to pay a small amount of money and her newly created website will come live on the internet.

Debbie is a busy virtual assistant.  She has added a new skill to her resume, how to create website through a free website builder.  She uses the step by step method she learned from her favorite website builder to create websites for her clients. She is very proud that she was able to start a second career and in this quest a professional website builder helped her to create website that looks great.

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