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I first used BlueVoda website builder a couple of months ago to create website for my business. My first business website was so remarkable that no one could tell the difference if it was created by a professional or not. It was freaking impressive that even I could not believe that I was capable of building something wonderful. But I did and it is all because of this website builder that I discovered on the internet.

I used this website builder to create website for my business because I wanted to save money. I had talked to several website developers and designers and all of them asked too much. Well, maybe they didn’t ask too much, but every quote I got was beyond my budget. I was told that it was really expensive to hire professionals especially when I wanted a multipage site. I desperately needed a website but I didn’t want a simple homepage. I asked my friends for suggestions and they all said I should try a free website builder. At that time, I didn’t know what a website builder was, so I did a little research and stumbled onto BlueVoda website builder.

This website builder promised a lot of things. So, I was very skeptical, until I watched the video tutorial. The video tutorial showed the step by step procedures to create website that even a kid can easily follow. After watching the video, I finally understood why this website builder promised a lot of things. Anyway, downloading this website builder was very easy and I just provided my email address then waited for a few minutes. I immediately used this website builder to create website for my business.

It is very easy to create website because of the drag and drop feature. There is no need to be an expert on website making to create website that everyone would appreciate. It is my first time to create website. I had no experience or education on website development and designing. In fact, I didn’t even know what html meant. But I was able to create website in less than one hour. This is truly the real deal and an impressive website builder. There is no need to learn HTML because everything is drag and drop. What I mean is I just needed to drag the templates that I needed to create website. Finding the right template was never a problem for I easily downloaded items from the image library. This image library let me download logos, webpage backgrounds, templates and website headers. It contains hundreds of whatever I need, which is why it was easy to create website that stands out.

Creating a unique website is a walk in the park. All it takes is a good website builder. By the way, there is no restriction with BlueVoda to create website. It allows multiple website creation. So, it is possible to create website again and again. Come to think of it! Using it helps develop my creativity as I was able to let my imagination run. Not only do I get to express my feelings through my website. I was also able to make money from BlueVoda software. One of my friends who saw my website asked me to create website for his food business. It only took me 2 hours to build the website that she loved.

When I first started using BlueVoda, I didn’t know it was going to be very easy to use. If ever there was a problem, I didn’t even worry because they have a support team that assist users. I know that I can always email them with whatever problems I would encounter with this website builder. But so far no problems yet! No problem even with the hosting since my website went live. I never had a problem using the software to create website and hosting. I must say, it is a smart move to sign up with VodaHost. Not only do I get an excellent hosting service but publishing the website is much faster. Because of the one click publishing, another reason I am recommending BlueVoda. It is easy to publish a website with this website builder. All I did was just sign up with VodaHost then I just clicked the publish button. My website went live in just seconds.

I am so happy that I have discovered this website builder. It’s functional software, one I don’t mind using for many years. Kudos to BlueVoda for building something that really helps people who want to create website for free.

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