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You could almost create website with your eyes shut!

The BlueVoda website maker has enabled us to build website on a budget and help our local community at the same time. We are a group of ex-pats living in Spain and we’re absolutely appalled at the lack of facilities for the cat and dog shelters. We’d managed to do some fund-raising within our town but we knew the only way to get more donations was to create website and spread the word across the World Wide Web.

Unfortunately none of us knew about how to create website and we certainly did not want to use the charity money to pay a webmaster to build website for us. It was while we were surfing Google that we come across the BlueVoda website maker.  First impressions were that, surely, it could not be this easy to create website but we had nothing to lose as the BlueVoda website maker was free to download. So we downloaded the build website software and sat there with anticipation.

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Once we opened the BlueVoda website maker, it was pretty obvious that the control panel was easy to use. It was a simple drag and drop feature; there was also a feature to use ready-made templates, logos, menu buttons and images. It had suddenly been made easy to create website had suddenly been made easy and BlueVoda build website software was like a dummies guide to the World Wide Web.

We were hooked straight away and spent a lot of time just getting used to the amazing ability that the BlueVoda website maker has. The online tutorials were simple, easy to understand and using the guidance given in the BlueVoda website maker tutorials, we were able to insert a PayPal function for people to send donations.

Thanks to the BlueVoda create website software we also installed a forum into the back pages and on our front page is a YouTube video that tells everyone what our message and goals are. We also got a couple of hints and tips on how to build website from the BlueVoda website maker forum. Everyone on there is also learning how to go ahead and build website so we all bounce ideas off each other and pass on any information that we have learnt whilst learning how to build website. It’s all pretty fun.

Within three days we had managed to create website that could match one made by a professional. All it took after that was to buy a hosting account and with a couple of clicks our website was live on the World Wide Web. We still cannot believe that create website is so easy and can be done by simply using the BlueVoda website maker.

One of the unique aspects about learning how to create website is that we have total control over our website at all times and if we want to change anything we don’t have to consult a webmaster or pay extra fees. We leant how to build website and we can carry that on as the features and facilities that are available with BlueVoda build website software are endless.

I really do not feel that we could have done all this without the BlueVoda website maker. Today we have received over $2000 dollars in donations by learning how to create website and the cat and dog shelter is going from strength to strength. I would tell any charity that wants to promote itself to create website using the BlueVoda website maker. To put it bluntly, BlueVoda build website software is so easy to use you could almost build website with your eyes shut.

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