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Being the owner of an arts, crafts and painting store, I need a greater exposure to the public so that people would turn their patronage towards my shop and I. This business is very important to me; I have been shepherding through thick and thin for years. I was all-ears when, a few months ago, a friend of mine suggested that I create website to take my business online and expose my store and supplies to a vast audience on the internet.

The first thing I was told that I needed to do to build website was to register a domain which I got done quickly but then came the real issue of being able to create website the way I felt I needed. Someone advised that I should build website in Microsoft’s FrontPage and I used that to build website for my shop but I was looking for a really creative looking website and unfortunately I just wasn’t able to create website the way I had in mind with FrontPage. It looked really sterile and boring. I kept that page and put it to one side but I continued my search for some way to get a really creative website up for my shop. I tried another website maker to create website and was able to build website using that one too but suffice it to say the results were not worth mentioning.

I found the BlueVoda website maker when I was searching the internet for a website maker one day and since it was free I thought I’d have a go and create website with it. It seemed very small in size and a light program but in using it I found it to be the perfect website maker.

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I was able to build website from scratch with BlueVoda and it was a welcomed surprise for me when I found BlueVoda to be better, by leaps and bounds, than any other website maker I had tried up to this point and it enables you to create website in matter of minutes due to its advance modules. My favorite thing was that I was able to take gorgeous photos of my store and then upload them to my new creative website in the form of a slideshow using the pre-defined slideshow module of BlueVoda called LightBox.

One can create website in BlueVoda in such a way that he or she won’t need any color or layout themes other than what are already included, as the BlueVoda website maker gives you the option of choosing from many backgrounds and themes as you build website. BlueVoda also allows you to put videos from your computer or from YouTube directly into your website, thus adding dynamic beauty to your create website project and making the process to build website much easier and more inspiring. There are many other such functions in the BlueVoda website maker that help make your website even more creative; these are things like a pre-defined java module that makes it easy for you to add java modules with a single click. Also there is an option to add single picture and strip of pictures into the website just by single click. Together, all such build website functions make the website more creative and more attractive. You’ll really only experience all if you download and use the BlueVoda website builder to create website. It has everything you need.

In short, the BlueVoda website maker has made the process of building a website much easier and much more efficient. Even if you are a beginner of the newbies variety and you don’t know the first thing about how to create website, even then you can use the BlueVoda website maker and build website in such a creative style that people will love to visit it again and again. So if you are willing to have a go and build website for yourself then the BlueVoda website maker is the best possible solution for you; you must give it a try!

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