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Fernando runs a jewelry business store and also sells on line. He paid a professional designer to create website for him, as he had no technical knowledge of computers.  The website cost him 2,000 dollars to have made. Fernando paid professional designers to make sure it was an attractive and elegant looking website to provide the best virtual backdrop for the jewelry. Since the site was originally finished, Fernando has paid nearly 500 dollars to the web designer for regular updates to his collection and prices on the website. The website does bring in a good supplemental income, however the cost of running it is seriously eating into his profits. Fernando can see the importance of a web presence, but started to wonder if there was a more economical way to do it. After investigating, Fernando decided to look for a program that he could operate given his little computer knowledge, and perhaps handle these regular updates on his own. He downloaded the BlueVoda website builder and tested his computer competence trying to create website. Fernando watched the BlueVoda tutorials and soon after was able to rebuild his website on his own. The cost of the BlueVoda  site builder was free apart from the small membership with VodaHost web hosting, and he is even able to make all of his updates on his own, without having to budget for them. Learning to create website saves Fernando a great deal of money down the road and also make updates and changes more convenient.  As a bonus, the BlueVoda website builder made his web pages search engine friendly and he was able to get his website a better ranking and with VodaHost web hosting he has experienced much less downtime. The website has become and even greater source of income for him that no longer drains his pockets at the same time.

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