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It was about six months ago that Sarah had lost her job as a journalist for a popular magazine. She was quite upset about this as the loss of her job was a major loss for her family.

Knowing the potential of the internet, she found that there was a great demand for freelance writers and being a professional writer, she had lots of work she could show potential clients as proof of her writing capabilities. However, as she didn’t have her own website, she realized she had to create website to advertise her work.

Sarah had no HTML knowledge and thus found it very difficult understanding the working of a website maker to use to build website. In fact, she spent about three months looking for the right website maker software to use to build website and she was on the verge of spending money she didn’t have and hiring a professional website designer to create website for her.

This was when, as a last resort, she decided to try out the BlueVoda website maker which seemed to be perfect to use to create website. The reviews she read about BlueVoda website maker indicated that it was the best website maker for a person without any HTML knowledge to use to build website for themselves.

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As BlueVoda was available for free, she immediately downloaded the software and just played with the software for about a day before trying it to build website. She learnt more and more about the remarkable features of this website maker that could be used to build website for next to nothing.

She learnt that BlueVoda is a great website maker to use to create website as it is basically a drag and drop website maker tool. In fact, she found out that even if you don’t know how to use something like tables, you can still use BlueVoda to create website.

In addition to this, she found that the interface of the BlueVoda website maker was very easy to use to build website as it has clear buttons and functions. Learning the functions of the different buttons to build website proved to be easy for her as the tutorials that came with BlueVoda were informative, clear and easy to understand. In fact, she managed to build website, albeit a fairly simple one within half an hour of understanding the usage of BlueVoda!

Alongside the clear tutorials, BlueVoda has a great customer service that promptly cleared all and any problems she faced while she worked to create website. After she had managed to build website, she found no difficulty in hosting her website as once you use BlueVoda to create website, your website is automatically hosted by VodaHost.

Within a few hours time Sarah managed to create website and upload it as a portfolio of all her writing skills and expertise. Within a few days time, she was quickly getting writing contracts and earning close to what she was as a freelance journalist.

In fact, after some time, she found that she needed an extra website to advertise her photography skills also. With BlueVoda allowing her to create website as many times as she wanted, each with as many pages as she wanted, she had no problem to build website to post her photography portfolio on too! All this proves that BlueVoda is indeed the best website maker for both professional and amateur web designers to use to create website of their choice.

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