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Why you will love the BlueVoda site builder

The Net will very soon be even more crowded because of the bluevoda site builder. It is easy to build a website nowadays. With bluevoda site builder anyone can do it in 30-60 minutes flat. Surprised? I am willing to wager that with bluevoda site builder even if you are a total novice, you cannot take more than 45 minutes to make even the most complex website designs. The bluevoda site builder is engineered to work almost by itself.

The bluevoda site builder is the most amazing tool for website design I saw ever. There is nothing, not other software or computer tool that can come even close to bluevoda site builder in comparison. The greatest novice can be an expert in minutes with the bluevoda site builder. If you give bluevoda site builder to a beginner and pit him/her against an expert, with the bluevoda site builder, the beginner will win hands down. The bluevoda site builder is not a new software but a revolution for website designs. Anyone, and I really mean anyone can make website designnow sine the bluevoda site builder is capable of empowering even the most basic user to the level of an expert.

This is why the bluevoda site builder is an exceptionally valuable tool – because you can do you website designyourself, even if you hardly know how to start a computer. The bluevoda site builder can put magic in your hands, just like that. Once you have the bluevoda site builder you find wings to your hands and YOU become the “expert”. It is exceptionally easy to have a qualitative website designwhen working with bluevoda site builder. There are a lot of tools available on the Net, but I have not found one that is better than the bluevoda site builder or even coming close to the bluevoda site builder.

I got the bluevoda site builder a few months ago in order to build my own website whereby I intended to announce to the world my availability as a freelancer. I had in my mind a cute website designwith animation and beautiful features which would make it interesting and worth while for anyone to browse. I was hoping that I would try my hand with the bluevoda site builder to draw the initial skeleton and then request a professional to embellish it and bring it a professional get up.

As I sat with the bluevoda site builder to initiate the website designof my site, it was like my fingers were dipped in magic. I could translate everything I was thinking and imagining for the website designdirectly on the website due to the excellent usability of the bluevoda site builder. At the end of the first 30 minutes, I sat back to look at what I had designed. I could not believe my eyes. Forget about me, my friends, my professors no one could believe that the website designthey were seeing with so many complex features were my handiwork – a very modest user of computer who is yet to master emailing.

Ever since I have discovered the bluevoda site builder I am just dying to web design. My fingers tingle when I think of the capability that the bluevoda site builder has given me. Just for the sake of it, I have web designed a few samples and saved them. In a few days I had 15 different styles (template style) website designdone and I was bubbling with ideas for more. The bluevoda site builder had opened the floodgates of my creativity and I felt I could literally do any type of web design I wanted. At last, with the help of the bluevoda site builder I could be a web designer.

When I showed my website designto my friends, they were stunned. I had been known as the dullest person around with computers. They could not believe their eyes when then they saw the website designthat I created with the bluevoda site builder. Not only were the website designexcellent in esthetics, all of them were clear and workable. This is another forte of the bluevoda site builder – it will not create unworkable links. Everything that is constructed with the bluevoda site builder is a valid, workable link. The web design that comes out from the bluevoda site builder is hundred per cent trouble free.

On seeing the exceptional website designcreated with the bluevoda site builder, my friends advised me to immediately go for an e-business where I could design websites for others. From among my own circle of friends, there were about 25 people who wanted to launch their websites. These were my first clients. I started my e-business with the help of the bluevoda site builder and a very modest introductory offer price. Not all the 25 needed complex website designs, but I went out of my way and created masterpieces with the bluevoda site builder; (i) because I am very creative and love to give a little extra, and (ii) because it is so easy to do the most complex website designwith the bluevoda site builder.

When I presented my website designto my friends, in just about 24 hours – they were overjoyed. The excellent quality of the web design created with the bluevoda site builder was excellently received and in no time my friends started referring me to their friends, for more website designs. And I was in business with my bluevoda site builder! I was so thrilled and so excited by this opportunity which literally fell into my lap, that for about three months I could not sleep at night. I was lying away and thinking what all I could add to my new website designwith this wonderful tool, the bluevoda site builder.

My business was expanding exponentially. After three months, I could not manage the work on my own – not because I could not for the website design(because with the bluevoda site builder it only takes abut one hour to complete the most complicated web design) but because I needed someone to organize things for me. So I got two of my friends attached to my business on full time basis. The bluevoda site builder earned me quite a lot of cash, and now I was not only comfortably off financially, but also could afford to engage two full-timers on a good salary for my business.

Needlessly to say, I resigned from my regular well-paying job, because it was more fun to be your own boss – and with the bluevoda site builder that was exactly what I was. I was also already earning five times my salary – and I was not working at my full capacity.
Now, besides doing website designfor people on order, I also started putting together sets of website designfor people who would like to go into business like, but did not have the bluevoda site builder. In these sets of website designI have worked with the bluevoda site builder and organized some excellent website designon a certain theme – say pharmaceuticals, football, charity, yoga, fashion designing, boutiques, car dealers, antique dealers, furniture shops, silver jewellery and so on. Each of these packets would contain 5-25 different web design templates built with my bluevoda site builder which could be tweaked to the exact needs of the hour.

Hence, people who needed a couple of great websites, could buy my website designpackage and do so at a very nominal cost. The bluevoda site builder enables to edit with great ease, so all the templates could be tailor-made as and when needed. This was a great offer for people who functioned on a low budget but wanted highly qualitative stuff. The bluevoda site builder makes better website designthan any professional we designer, any day.

Very soon, I had launched my affiliate program which was selling the templates I designed with the bluevoda site builder. I never thought I could say this – but after about 18 months in the business, I became tired of counting the money that was pouring in. I realized how successful I was, when my husband, an MBA from Wharton School of Management and a very proud man in his professionalism, offered to quit his job and manage mine full time. What better compliment could I receive? This is all thanks to the bluevoda site builder without which I would still be the Personal Assistant of the Chairman.

Now, I am writing a book to showcase my success as an entrepreneur. The bluevoda site builder has turned me into a money minting machine. Not to mention the extreme satisfaction I get from my creativity. I have a great flair for writing and I had hoped that my book on how the bluevoda site builder changed my life for me, could inspire other women around the world. Maybe they too, if they wanted, could take charge of their lives and put the bluevoda site builder work for them If I could use the bluevoda site builder to create master piece website design– anybody on this earth could do so too. The key was to want to do it, to want to start.

Many people think that it is not possible to have a rags-to-riches transition. But I am living proof of the possibility. All you need is the right vehicle; my vehicle is the bluevoda site builder. It could be yours too – and anyone else’s who wants to take charge of their own destiny and turn it around. The bluevoda site builder is a tool that can revolutionize web designing. I have said this earlier. The bluevoda site builder is the futuristic way to work on the Internet. The simplicity with which you can do the most complicated website designcan take your breath away.

My husband is not my full time marketing and PR manager and I am the proud owner of a most promising and fast growing e-business. I have the bluevoda site builder to thank for this, because without it however talented and creative I would be I would never dream to translate my ideas into saleable website designs, as I am doing now. The bluevoda site builder is a miracle that came in my life at the right time. I am happy today that I have built such a successful business out of nothing. Of course, without the bluevoda site builder none of these would have ever been possible.

Today, when I am looking back I simply cannot imagine my life without the bluevoda site builder or without the hustle bustle of my e-venture. I am content, I have the highest job satisfaction ever, and I am amply rewarded financially. What more can anyone ask for?

I am on the top of the world. I have a wonderful house in a posh locality, I wear designer clothes, my children go to the best private schools, my husband drives the latest Ferrari Sports – in other words, we have arrived. The bluevoda site builder has been for me the key to unspoken treasures. I am so very happy about it that I wanted very much to share my story about the discovering of the bluevoda site builder with the whole world.

I am sure there are more people out there who could profit from my success story; who could be inspired by it well enough to pick up the bluevoda site builder and re-build their lives. If I can do that to even one person in this whole world, I have achieved something great.

I have tried to capture every little step that has marked my passage from the ordinary life I was leading to what I have become today – because and with the help of the bluevoda site builder. The book’s name is “WHY I LOVE BLUEVODA SITE BUILDER?” There could not have been a better name for it – and I could not have give the bluevoda site builder a better homage and recognition.
The BlueVoda Site Builder is a Piece of Cake

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