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To build web site, one needs a lot of preparation and planning. Let us consider some of the options that one needs to consider for web site creation.

A.    Need: The need for build web site needs to be assessed the foremost before going any further. This could be in terms of whether one needs to build web site for personal use or whether the process of build site web needs to be undertaken for business. This is important since it forms the basis of requirements and technology that one would use to build site web.
B.    Platform: Whether the build web site will be done with ASP, PHP or any other language. This is important since each of these platforms or languages have their own pros and cons and these need to be considered during web site creation.
C.    Budget: When build web site is undertaken for personal or business use, the cost of such process need to be budgeted and fixed beforehand. To build web site, it can cost anywhere between $300 to $2000 and the maintenance costs like hosting and content update can be a recurring cost. These need to be borne in mind before going in for web site creation. We will discuss this in details later.
D.    Hosting: This is very important the final step in the process of build web site. A reliable and secure hosting provider needs to be selected before completing the process of web site creation so that the web site can go live immediately.

Of the above points C and D are of extreme importance. They are critical and form the very basis for web site creation and its sustenance. The costs and recurring costs need to be accounted for and set aside for year after year, so one needs to tread carefully and in a planned manner. Let us look at them more analytically to approach the process of web site creation with more logic and professionalism.

Budget for the build web site process can be fixed or varied and the costs of build web site discussed above are only indicators what a web site creation company may charge for a single website. The more complex the website, the more is the cost, that is the way the web site creation business works. If you are looking to build web site for personal or small business use, the cost may sound little too staggering. This is because a web site creation company uses traditional tools like an HTML editor (FrontPage or DreamWeaver), an image editor and processor (Photoshop or CorelDraw) and FTP clients (WS-FTP etc) to complete the process of build web site. This set of software cost over $1500 per terminal alone as licensing fee. Moreover the cost of infrastructure like computers and peripherals is quite high and technical man-power costs are also staggeringly high in the industry.

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The solution for build web site for a small website can be simple. It can be achieved by using website maker software. This software is complete in its own way since it integrates an HTML editor, image processor and an FTP client in the same package and is free to use. There is a lot variety in this build web site software and most of them are available for download on the internet. Most of them are free for a period of time or for one small web site creation process. To use the software further for more build web site a small payment towards the licensing may be needed. Though all of them are good, the BlueVoda build web site software is the best of them all since it is completely free of cost for unlimited time and unlimited web site creation processes.


BlueVoda is limitless and comes with full online support in the form of online documentation for build web site and video tutorials that can guide you to build web site easily. In fact, one does not need any technical expertise in build web site to use the BlueVoda build web site software. A ten year old can easily get into web site creation using the BlueVoda website builder, if he or she is allowed to use it to learn for a week or so, it is that simple. Downloading this build web site software and playing around with it for a few hours is enough to begin build web site. The process of web site creation is thus highly simplified using the BlueVoda build web site software.

Coming to the hosting part, the BlueVoda build web site software that we were discussing is an integral part of the VodaHost hosting plans. In the process of web site creation, the hosting plays an important part since it the process that gives the finishing touch to your build web site process an get the web site live. The hosting should be affordable, offer good support and should be affordable. Actually, for ease, the BlueVoda website builder has shortcuts to your VodaHost hosting control panel integrated in it and using it you can upload your website to go live without any glitches. The VodaHost hosting plan integrates the BlueVoda build web site software for free and comes with almost unlimited options on all fronts for as inexpensive as $7.99 a month. The support is fantastic and punctual and if in doubt you can check the reviews at any website that carries hosting reviews.

All in all, in the process of build web site, it is important to consider all the variables and make sound decisions based on requirements, logic and research. This will make sure that your build web site process goes ahead without any hitch and results in proper and seamless process of web site creation. Make sure that your process of builder web site is in good hands, if you can make the efforts towards your own web site creation, there would be nothing like it, otherwise make sure that the outsourced company delivers on time and as per the initial specifications of the builder web site.

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