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If you don’t have a website of your own, you should have. So many people have their own websites these days. Also, if you are a businessman, you really cannot do without a website that you can call your own. You can put this in your business cards so people can find you online and know about your products and services.

Now the question is how to build a website? There are many ways including the one where you can hand-code all your web pages that make up the web site. Or you can use web site creation software whose job it is to create web pages easily by using WYSIWYG concepts.

There is different web site creation software available. Not all of these are created equal. Many web site creation software like Frontpage, Coffeecup, etc. cost several hundreds of dollars in license fees. So how to find a low-cost web site creation tool that does its job and does it well?

The answer is BlueVoda, a web site creation tool which is your answer to how to build a website without breaking the bank. BlueVoda is completely free to use for personal and business purposes.

VodaHost, the web hosting people, are the people who have created BlueVoda for web site creation and to answer “how to build a website” the simple way. It is easy-to-use, user-friendly software that has been developed by professionals who know what it takes to do proper web site creation painlessly.

BlueVoda web site creation tool is only 5 MB in size (installer file to be downloaded). This is very lean and mean size when compared to the other web site creation tools that are several hundred megabytes downloads. Yet BlueVoda has all the features found in the other web site creation tools.

Getting started with BlueVoda web site creation tool is extremely easy. The friendly toolbar buttons are usually self-explanatory, and you need to drag and drop from them what objects you want on your page. While answering the question of how to build a website, BlueVoda uses the familiar Windows interface methodologies (toolbar and drag and drop) to do web site creation work.

BlueVoda web site creation software has an extremely short learning curve. There are some video tutorials available to get you started with using BlueVoda for web site creation, and how to build a website. The videos show how to do the most common web site creation tasks while using BlueVoda about how to build a website.

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If you need more help with using BlueVoda for how to build a website, you can post your support query to a BlueVoda support forum. There, fellow BlueVoda users who are also using BlueVoda for how to build a website and for their web site creation tasks may be able to help you out with your specific problems.

When using BlueVoda for web site creation, you can include all of the following gadgets in your web site using the toolbar buttons: blogs, guestbooks, ad rotators, banners, tables, forms, Java applets, Flash files, video and audio clips, etc. You can also add PayPal payment buttons, and set up payment options for visitors to buy products and services from you. In short, everything imaginable on a web site or page can be added using the toolbar buttons in BlueVoda.

When you are done with your web site creation using BlueVoda web site creation tool, simply save all the files, and FTP the files to the web hosting company VodaHost. They will host the website for a small hosting fee. (Competent rates)

BlueVoda has been around for many years, as an answer to the common question, “how to build a website”. Many people have used BlueVoda for their web site creation projects, and there are existing customer testimonials praising BlueVoda simplicity, ease of use, and user-friendly interface that does not confuse users.

Even a teenager would find BlueVoda extremely powerful and easy to use for all web site creation needs and to answer the query “how to build a website”. So many people cannot be wrong, and the testimonials for BlueVoda speak for themselves. You cannot go wrong when you choose BlueVoda to answer your “how to build a website” question.

There are some free website templates that you can use in your web site creation projects, when you are using BlueVoda. If you don’t have the time to learn or know how to build a website, you can those free templates without needing to pay.

If you have become proficient with BlueVoda for “how to build a website” and for web site creation, you can then help other people who need their own websites created but don’t have the time to do it themselves. Of course, you can set your price for doing so, and you can earn some cash in the process.

Web site creation using BlueVoda software can be fun and an unforgettable learning experience. You will absolutely love using BlueVoda for all “how to build a website” needs. At the price it has (which is FREE), nothing can beat BlueVoda in power and simplicity.

The web site creation code generated by BlueVoda is already standards-compliant and optimized. You will not need to change anything with the code, but if you do, you can right click on an object and choose Properties option to change the default code.

BlueVoda can execute in modest system configurations and does not demand humongous and outrageous system configuration setups, like other web site creation software out there (notably DreamWeaver). BlueVoda is fast, simple, mean and powerful enough for all web site creation needs.

You can save tons of time and money when you use BlueVoda web site creation software for “how to build a website”. You can use BlueVoda to build web sites on your own and you can also have some fun in the process. The learning curve is small or does not exist at all even for absolute beginners and newbies to web site creation.

Get started now by using the free BlueVoda web site creation software – go to, download BlueVoda and start using it right away!

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