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BlueVoda is a website builder that is so easy and convenient to use that both amateurs and professionals at website building can use it to build website. Amateurs like using this website maker to build website as it is so easy to use.

BlueVoda website builder works on a drag and drop interface where you just have to choose where you want to place the different elements of the web page, and drag and drop them as required. Even the formatting of page elements like text size, colors, typeface and switching between various type styles can be done using drop-down selectors.

If you need variety to select text and page backgrounds when you create your website, the website maker provides this in both editing mechanisms and dialog boxes. All embedded content types can be easily added to your web page using this website maker.

Regarding the choice of template to use to build website, BlueVoda website builder has a library of thousands of templates for you to choose from to use in your website.

The easy to follow instructions provided in the website maker helps anyone use it to build website. In fact, BlueVoda is one of the few website builders that can be used by anyone to build website as there is no need of having any HTML knowledge to use it.

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In case you still find it difficult to use BlueVoda website builder, you can use the help of the tutorials they offer with the website maker to build website. While you build website, there is a chance of your facing some confusion and problems.

In such cases, there are various forums you can post your queries/problems and wait for answers. There are many BlueVoda website builder users on these forums that are more than happy to guide and help you through your website making.

Despite there being so many other better and more sophisticated website builders available to build website, some professionals still like using BlueVoda website maker to build website. This is because once they complete a website using the website maker BlueVoda; they can hand over the completed website to their clients so that they can make any future updates they want on their own.

In addition to this, professionals like using BlueVoda website builder to build website as they can add all the programming tools that clients like to see in their website. With the implementation of all these scripts and plug-ins, the website maker helps make the website look  as competitive and attractive as any other website.

The website maker also offers to easily add e-commerce functions to the site through easy-go-use PayPal input functions. This way, you needn’t visit PayPal to configure your payment processing options on your website.

In fact, the dedicated toolbar for these e-commerce functions found in the website maker let you add five distinct variations like shopping carts, website support donations and quick pay buttons to the site.

The only drawback about this website builder is that you cannot use any other web host to host your completed website but VodaHost. However though some people may consider this to be a drawback of this website builder, to some, it may be a present in blessing as once the website is ready, there is a host ready to host it.

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