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If you are thinking to build website, it is always better to create one on your own instead of hiring a web designer to build website for you. This is not only for the exorbitant fees you have to pay for web designing fees, but in addition to this, you also have to be happy with the design they create for you.

Usually, when you hire a web designer to build website, they don’t stick to your specifications. They tend to design the website according to 80% your ideas, and the remaining, theirs. So when I was thinking to build website for my candle making business, I thought to try and build website myself.

I am actually not that computer savvy. However my friends told me that it was possible to build website on my own using the help of a website maker or website builder. So I went about looking for a website builder to use to build website of my choice.

I was really upset to find that most of the website makers required knowledge of HTML to use them. As I don’t know HTML, this was a drawback for me. So I thought that I could not get to build website for my business as I dreamed.

This was when my cousin introduced me to the great website maker BlueVoda. I call this website builder great because it is so easy to use. Most of all, there is no need of having any HTML knowledge to use this website builder.

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This website maker works using a drop and drag interface where is have to just drag and place all my web page elements as and where I wish to see them on my candle making business website. You don’t actually need much help to learn to use this website maker as it is so easy to use.

In case you do come across some doubts while you build website, you can follow the video tutorials that come with the website builder. These video tutorials help you overcome any problem you face while you build website using the website maker.

In case there are some more complex problems you come across while you use the website maker BlueVoda, you can just post your queries in one of the many forums that cater to this website builder. There are other users of the website builder on the forum who may have encountered the same problem, and will guide you to come out of it.

Besides being so easy to use, I have to mention that this website maker has another benefit worth mentioning. It is available for free! Yes, I didn’t pay anything for the website builder. I just have to click to have it downloaded, and I was asked for my name and email address. I then checked my email, and continued downloading the website maker.

This website builder has so many features, but surprisingly, it didn’t take too much space in my computer. This gave BlueVoda website maker an additional reason for me to call it a great website builder.

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