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I’m a busy mother of two and a full time wife. But I am also one business minded woman intent on succeeding in selling my handmade jewelry. You can therefore understand my apprehensiveness when I was advised by friends as well as family to create a website to start putting my wares online and get a web editor to take care of it. Knowledgeable in making crystal jewelry I am, but website design savvy I’m not.

Still, I let the idea play in my head for some time, surfing the net to check my options first. I found out that I only had a few choices. I either had to hire a professional website editor to create a website for me or start paying for a course that would teach me how. Both options did not suit me at all. Hiring a website editor to do the job for me would most likely cost me a fortune. As a homemaker, I am very pragmatic about financial matters. Regarding the second option, paying for and attending tutorials would take up too much of my time and again cost me money.

But then I came across a selection of website builder reviews and decided to try out one highly recommended website builder. And that’s how my productive partnership with the BlueVoda¬† website builder began.

With the BlueVoda website builder, all my worries that I would not be able to create a website on my own vanished! It took all my apprehensions away and even I was amazed at how short a time it took me to be able to create a website for my small business which is now alive and kicking.

The major thing that attracted me initially was the fact that the software package for BlueVoda on how to create a website was free. Yes! This amazing website builder software won’t cost you a single cent! Besides that, I discovered that there were even online tutorials on web design by professional web page editors for the BlueVoda website builder that I could watch for free anytime that I wanted – no need to go out of my home for a tiring class on web design!

With the BlueVoda free website builder, it wasn’t necessary for me to learn a bunch of complicated coding languages or HTML just to create a website. All I had to do to create a website after downloading the necessary software was to work with its very easy to use web design tools. These great tools let me select stuff for my dream internet site from a huge selection of templates and image libraries from the BlueVoda website builder package. I added logos, text, pictures, etc., quickly and efficiently to create a website exactly to my liking. I especially liked the fact that for images, you only need to click and drag on one to adjust it to your website’s design. It was just so stress-free! Even an elementary student without any experience with web design could probably create a website in no time!

With a lot of other website builder companies that advertise that they can help you create a website, you don’t get to publish your finished site immediately. That’s one reason why beginners like me would often become frustrated when trying to create a website. However, when I felt I had built my web design to satisfaction, the BlueVoda website builder software on my computer allowed me to show my finished creation to the public at once. Now that’s what I call customer satisfaction! Create a website then get it published with a click of your mouse.

Right now, my business is doing better than it did before my decision to create a website through a website builder. And this is all thanks to the BlueVoda website builder software! Some customers would even compliment me on the design of my site and ask if I had a professional site designer create a website for me. And I always proudly tell them that the BlueVoda website builder helped me do it on my own.

You can’t really blame me if I am all raves about the BlueVoda website builder. Everything about it seems to have been designed for individuals like me, people who are time and budget-conscious as well as totally unfamiliar with website design. It only goes to show that to create a website, you don’t have to resort to expensive methods to do so! All you need is a reliable¬† website builder software like BlueVoda and all your web designing dreams can come true!

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