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Daniel is a photographer and has had real problems marketing and selling his pictures. His work is inspired to say the least but he had no platform whatsoever where he could showcase his work properly and make it available to a large public audience. He was in a fix for a long time over this; he felt he was at his creative best but due to the lack of public relations and exposure for his work he was losing out on buyers. A friend of his suggested that he should create website as it would be the best way to get his work out to the public and reach a large cross-section of people.

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To create website would be great, he thought but he was not much of a PC expert and certainly did not know how to create website or know of a piece of website builder software (or something similar) to get the job done. He didn’t really want to give the job to a professional website builder because he knew what he wanted and wasn’t sure if anybody other than himself could create website and do real justice to his pictures. The cost of such a move gave him pause also. A little internet surfing was in order, he thought. This turned out to be the right move as luckily it brought a piece of software called the BlueVoda website builder to his attention. It was easy to use, quick and equipped with exactly the kind facilities in a website builder that a novice like Daniel was looking for to create website.

As Daniel worked he found the BlueVoda website builder to be extremely user friendly as it uses a nice, easy drag and drop interface to create the website and luckily he found that he needn’t have any sort of HTML website design knowledge. Daniel wasn’t too great at the whole designing part in the early stages and was a little confused as to how to layout the website but he found that all he needed to do was use the pre-design website templates which were at hand. These templates also gave Daniel the facility to create unlimited web pages as he worked to create website, all of them looking good really good. The BlueVoda website builder let his imagination take him places. Daniel was able to create a website to his own tastes, highlighting exactly aspects of his work that he needed to. The BlueVoda website builder had really extensive features that let Daniel make his website all the more fun by making changes to the templates in the form of different fonts and different colors. With BlueVoda he could create website with good menus as well just as Daniel did. Daniel also found many different and extremely easy ways that he could use the BlueVoda website builder to add different banners and other third party HTML codes.  He also found he could easily lock images using the BlueVoda website builder which can also be easily unlocked later.

Daniel was extremely impressed with an entire create website process that was so easy that he had finished the work in a very short space of time and indeed he got a great response from his site later. There was a customized guest book feature on his website, made with the BlueVoda website builder, which let him take orders. He has a newer, better, logo that has clearly helped him to create his own unique identity and carve out a little niche for himself upon the internet. He can now also include videos that he has made about his art and always adds newer and better stories too about his photography. When he managed to create website he was in a great position to make a lot of contacts with whom he can share his photography and it gives him a platform to discuss the photography related issues too. Daniel now advises all his friends to create website with BlueVoda to flaunt their creativity and get popular both professionally and socially with online friends and colleagues.

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