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I am a sailor and I sail for six months continuously and the remaining six months of the year I am free and spend most of my time at home; sleeping or playing games on my computer. Recently I learned from a friend that many people create website purely for the purposes of making money through advertising. When I found out about making money through Google AdSense I became keen to learn how to make a website and more importantly, create website to implement this.

As I was thinking about learning how to make a website, I searched to find some website builder tool as suggested by one of my friends who is in IT. So, I surfed through the internet to find a website builder to create website in an easy way.

I browsed through a number of sites offering various applications that taught how to make a website. I downloaded two such create website tools, installed them on my computer and started learning how to make a website. I really was not satisfied with the way those applications worked and the results I got. For example, one of the create website tools I installed had really childish web designs. Finally, one day I downloaded the BlueVoda website builder, installed it and started working with it. With the BlueVoda website builder, I did learn very easily how to make a website.

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BlueVoda, unlike other website builder applications, doesn’t require any html coding (which, as far as I know, could be Spanish) to create website. It just requires your creativity and some basic computer skills to pick and place website elements like layouts, images, logo, etc. that are built-in to this create website tool. With its just drag and drop style, I was able to create website within just 2 days. Now that I know how to make a website using the BlueVoda create website tool completely, I think I could make one in less than two hours. I was really amazed with the way this website builder worked, it was so easy.

I started learning all the tricks and tips needed to create website from the help tutorials provided by the BlueVoda website. With the BlueVoda website builder, you don’t need to have a FTP program as this create website tool allows you to do one-click-publishing. What is best about the BlueVoda website builder is that it is a free create website tool that teaches how to make a website and moreover, the web hosting feature is provided at a nominal price and is reliable, convenient and consistent.

Once my first BlueVoda create website project was done, I learned how to implement AdSense and within a week, I started getting some traffic. I decided to make 10 such sites on different niches using the BlueVoda website builder. I think this Website builder is just perfect in all aspects. Even my son created two sites using this create website tool. He was very keen to learn how to make a website using BlueVoda when he saw me creating one. I’d say, if you have a lot of free time, try to learn how to make a website with the BlueVoda Website builder. I am so glad to have a second income using Google AdSense and very glad also for BlueVoda which helped me learn how to make a website as if it were child’s play.

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