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I am sure there are plenty of satisfied clients and many success stories like that of me and my son, when it is about BlueVoda website builder. I have a boutique. I was doing good business but needed to take it to the next level. This meant getting more customers from a larger geographical area which meant going in for online shopping and mail order. The only way to do this was to get myself an online presence in the form of a website that was enabled for online shopping I looked-for a complete website builder that would be user friendly, have these features as also look good. Each of us has some knowledge of different aspects of website creation. However, to design website is a completely different story than the imaginative aspect of website creation. Apart from the idea and the basic knowledge of website creation, one also has to have to learn the programming language as also have to be very clear on the logical and the technical part to design website, especially websites with eCommerce facilities. What we needed some software that was essentially easy to use like Microsoft Word.

I thought of getting a website builder to design website. While searching the net I stumbled upon BlueVoda, downloaded it and installed it on my computer. It is easy to design website by using the application that one can download from the link that is provided from the site. One can start to design website, after they register their name and their email address with them and download BlueVoda. For a very intuitive and easy way to website creation, the steps are explained in the tutorial videos that are available from the website of the BlueVoda website builder. The points I liked best about BlueVoda website builder are:

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• Easy to use, intuitive interface especially easy for first timers like me to design website with a short learning curve and minimum effort.

• Drag and drop facility, permitting one to position text or images anywhere on the page precisely

• Facility to incorporate an image gallery—just great to display photo albums of our products

• Facility to incorporate video—we even included a small video of our product

• We could even incorporate a shopping cart and check out and online payment facility which truly turned our website into a shopping mall for visitors instead of being just an informative website.

• After doing all this I could simply publish to my VodaHost account at the click of a mouse from within BlueVoda itself!

The BlueVoda website builder is completely clean, malware, spyware and is virus-free, offering all that it claims. When I used the website builder for my website creation, it was compatible with all the Photoshop, Photo Shop pro applications. The website builder is completely virus free. In addition to the tutorials on learning about website creation and to design website, one can also take the help of the technical support team when stuck.

Free templates, web page backgrounds, logos and others are easily downloadable. This website builder is the perfect tool to edit text and make changes in the size, color and the style of the site. Website creation can be fun and enjoyable. Unlimited number of sites can be designed with this website builder. It is easy to design website like simple pages or even the multi-page site with different add-on and plug in. For our business I did design website with image galleries of our products and shopping cart. I found both website creation and the functionalities easy and perfect for a novice user.

I would recommend BlueVoda to anyone for their job to design website not only to serve individual needs but also for e-commerce and corporate applications. This site builder has simplified aspects of website creation and made it quick and possible for those who do not understand the basic technicalities of website building and site use. For corporate needs and for those businessmen, who are starting new, it is extremely good to use. One can really save on website design and maintenance cost.

While I was concerned that website deployment would involve a lot of costs by way of payments to designers and hosts, all these concerns were taken care of by something simply sophisticated like BlueVoda and the hosting account at VodaHost. With BlueVoda website creation tool I can now think and plan to expand our business to greater heights.

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