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Here is a look at a typical BlueVoda website builder user story. Michael is in his thirties and ready to become an entrepreneur using a web based business. He has a series of eBooks and other information products and needs to reach as wide of a market as possible. Naturally, Michael has realized that his website design and features will be key to his success. In addition, his site must rank high in all search engines, so that it can be easily found by those looking for his product. With all of these to consider and no web design experience, Michael went straight to a professional web design company to get advice  on  create website and a quote. Of course, the advice was good, but the price was way too high. Michael is only just getting started and cannot afford to put out so much money to create website when there is no income yet. Michael did some research online for other solutions. Eventually, he found BlueVoda website builder and downloaded the software for a more in-depth look. That was all Michael needed to make up his mind. BlueVoda was so clear and user friendly, that he amazed even himself at how quickly he threw together a test page. Michael found that all the features he needed, ftp transfers, scripts and customizable elements were perfect for his needs. The BlueVoda website builder also offered him help to optimize his  first website and get him the best search engine rankings. Within a week he had created a website tailored to his business all on his own. Since then, his business has become a profitable and Michael continues to update and add to his website on his own whenever he needs to make a change. He spent nothing but a few hours of his time and was able to create website exactly what he wanted. Now, he and his partner, the BlueVoda website builder are headed on the road to success.

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