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Using BlueVoda, the time it takes to design website is cut to just about 30 minutes.

I was starting off with a small cleaning business of my own. Publicizing my services to the local market was not difficult but when it came to expanding my business beyond these borders I had to do some serious thinking. I could employ marketing people—these would cost me money. I could have agents—how much could I rely on them? I could build a website and promote my business online. This seemed the best bet. With the small capital I had I could not waste it on any professional website creators. This is when I heard about BlueVoda website builder. It is easy to design website with this absolutely free BlueVoda website builder. With a hosting account at VodaHost and BlueVoda even novices can have a commercial website up and running. Website creation has now turned out to be fun for me. Without knowing anything about any aspects of website creation, I can design website of my own. It is much like using a word processing program.

BlueVoda is downloadable from the link that is provided when you sign up on The tutorial on how to design website is given in videos available in the site. Apart from that, all the various aspects of website creation are explained in the forum. Side by side, support to design website is provided through the BlueVoda website builder technical support team. I did query them a couple of times and found the technical support team quite knowledgeable and helpful in enabling my efforts at website creation.

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To be perfectly frank I had no knowledge of website creation. I only spent a couple of hours learning the video tutorial. Then I got down to using BlueVoda website builder which has easy to use drag and drop features in an hour I was through. I had created a couple of web pages which gave information on my services, photographs and details to contact me. Then I uploaded the website using the website builder feature to the hosting account I had created with VodaHost. I was amazed. Within an hour I had my very own website up and running and it looked absolutely professional. I simply used the available templates of this website builder to design website. It was necessary to add the query form, which I did. I could even add different testimonials from my clients as a separate feed. I am proud to say I was able to do as part of my design website project I used the website builder’s image gallery feature to create a photo show of my services. I used the BlueVoda website creation tool to design website which would be attractive.

Truly speaking, with BlueVoda, the website creation turned out to be real fun for me. Website creation was quite within the budget. BlueVoda free website builder enabled me to design website saving me costs I would have incurred in contracting the work to a professional web designer. Now I can modify my website as many times as I want without having to rely on an external agency. With this website builder, I had the option to build unlimited number of website. So, I used the option and I made different sites where I could ask the clients to submit their query. As I went on learning about the website builder and various aspects to design website, I went on updating my site. My site has turned out to be complete SEO friendly with a high rankings on Google search engine. Today I get most of my business online through my website and have to thank BlueVoda for their incomparable support which has contributed to my success.

I would recommend it for any of the website creation work to anyone. To any person it would turn out to be a real treat in terms of website creation because it is easy to use and it is fast to act. Even professionals would find real use of this site builder in terms of the quantity of work that they have to deliver.

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