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How To Build a Killer Website for Your Shop

No matter what your career is, you do need a website to help conduct your services. As long as you have a service or product to offer to others, you should have a website to get others to know about the services or products you have to offer.

While you can hire professional web designers to create website for you, it is now possible for you to create your own website from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is use the help of a website builder to create website. There are many website builders in the market for you to choose from to use and start with.

Some of these website builders cost a fee and others require some coding or programming language to create website, there is one website builder in the market that is free to download and used by the common man. BlueVoda is the name of this tool which you can use to create website even if you don’t know any programming language.

BlueVoda has a series of tutorial videos that take you through the web building process. They are really easy to follow; however in case you don’t understand some of the steps, you can always turn to BlueVoda customer support system for help.

There is also the website builder’s customer forum you can visit to post any queries and doubts you have. They are usually answered within a few minutes time by the other members on the forum, who may have faced the same doubts while doing their work.
It is easy to create website using this website builder as you just have to drag and drop the different elements like text, font, colors, page property and size, media and shape inserts wherever you require to build a website.

It is this feature of the website builder that lets even the least experienced person create website from the comfort of their home. So with the help of this website builder, you can now create website either with an easy home page or a website with many pages without the knowledge of any programing language or coding knowledge.

The website builder also has an additional feature where you can link the website. This is a strong and required feature for your website as it helps people who visit your website navigate through the site as the links make all this uncomplicated.

When you create website, you just have to choose a button, menu bar or text menu for the efficient navigation of your website. You have to name all the pages you create; if required, the website builder also shows how to make sub-domains.

BlueVoda also offers a huge range of pre-designed templates that you can use with the help of one click publishing to create website of your choice. There is also a huge image library that boasts of logos, templates, headers and page backgrounds you can download to use when you create website to add some pizzazz to your website.

There is such a large range of templates here that you will definitely have something here to meets your needs when you create website. You just have to use your creativity and consider your requirements to build a website as per your needs.

There is no limit to the number of pages you create, or the number of websites you create using this website builder. This proves to be a great advantage to you as the higher is the number of pages you create when you create website; the more helpful it proves at getting your website a high spot on search engines.

It is true that this website builder is free. However there is a hitch to use this free website builder. Once your website is ready, you cannot use just any hosting company to get your site live. You have to use only the services of their sister concern VodaHost for your hosting services.

This web hosting services is however not free, but it is not that expensive either. You have to pay a reasonable service to hire this web hosting services to host your website once you manage to use the website builder to create website.

This however can be beneficial to you as you need not go looking for a compatible or available web hosting services to host your website once you create website. All you have to do is create website using the website builder, and you have a hosting company ready to make it go live!

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