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How to Build a Personal Website

I love BlueVoda website builder for I think it is the best way to create a website. This awesome website builder floored me last Christmas season when I was trying to learn how to create a website with a website builder. It so happened that I met an old man at a coffee shop. He was a very cheerful person, cracking jokes all the time. One day he did not come and I missed him. We thought that maybe the snowfall was keeping him indoors so we all decided to visit his place. We kept knocking on the door but there was no response. One of my friends saw that the kitchen window was open so we just entered the house from there. The living room was fully decorated and right next to a heart shaped cake, Uncle George sat weeping uncontrollably.

We were shocked to see the cheerful Uncle in such a state. Reluctantly, he said that it was his wife’s birthday. Uncle George was married once! We were pleasantly surprised.  What he told us after that made me forget all about a website builder and how to create a website. He told us that Liza was his wife and he loved her dearly. They were both living a happy life until tragedy struck. Uncle told us, that twenty years ago, they decided to move from New York to Canada. Liza, unfortunately missed the flight and ended up taking the next flight out, which crashed! Since that very day, he had been waiting for her to come home. One of my friends said that maybe Liza was … dead. With a straight face Uncle said “She can’t be dead because I am alive”. After awkward silences, we left Uncle amidst his memories. I went home and wept my heart out.

Love! Until now I was unaware of this emotion and for the sake of Uncle George, I wanted to believe that Liza was alive. From that day on, finding Uncle George’s wife became the single purpose of my life. The only way to find her in this big world was through a website. I tried to create a website through an automated website builder but I was totally in the dark and confused. Then one of my friends suggested trying an absolutely free website builder, BlueVoda, to create a website.  I had to create a website somehow for the sake of love. So I downloaded the website builder and wow! It was so easy to create a website. Initially, I was very tense for I knew I had no idea how to create a website. This particular website builder also has a customer support forum for any questions you might have. On opening the BlueVoda website builder, I was taken to a working space which had many tools to create a website with just one click. I had to just drag and drop the icons to create a website.  In addition, there were thousands of webpage backgrounds, logos and templates to create a website. For the first time I felt I was talented. Indeed BlueVoda website builder is very special!

Now, we just needed a web hosting account to go live on the net! In the process of trying to create a website (I did it in his house because his pain was unbearable and I didn’t want to leave him alone) I got hold of Uncle George’s Diary. He had written letters to Liza. It was so heart breaking, I cried for days.  I published one of those letters on the website and requested the internet community to help me make the lovers meet.

Days went by and I began losing hope. After a few months however, I got a call from a guy called Sam. He told me that his aunt was sick and wanted to meet me. I met her; she was old and pale, but still, looked beautiful. With tears in her eyes she said she wanted to meet Uncle George. I could not have been happier. I took her with me and literally surprised Uncle George on their Wedding Anniversary. It was such a wonderful moment when Uncle George took Aunt Liza in a tight embrace and they both cried laughingly. I smiled, thanking BlueVoda website builder a thousand times for helping me to create a website so easily.

My friends patted my back and asked me how I learned to create a website. BlueVoda website builder is truly amazing. I can take credit for the happy ending to a beautiful love story but in reality BlueVoda website builder is the true hero! I made many more websites with this website builder. It gave me the option to make multiple page websites also. Really, BlueVoda has become my first love. Undoubtedly, it is the world’s best website builder to create a website.

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