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BlueVoda website builder is absolutely the best tool online when you want to create website. How do I know? Well, simply because I have used this website builder to create website for my accounting firm. For many years, I have worked hard to ensure customer satisfaction, but since the competition is tough, life has not been easy despite the fact that I am one of the best accountants in the city, no kidding. I guess! The stiff competition is one of the reasons why it is difficult to get new customers.

The advent of technology paved the way for a lot of people to become successful and the internet boom made me realized that now is the time to open up my world. I admit, at first I did not think it was necessary for an accountant to have a website, but since more and more people are using the internet to search for businesses, it became obvious to me that in order to gain exposure, my firm needed to be available online as well for people who require professional help. Thus, my journey to find a reliable and affordable website developer started. By the way, after I have decided that it is paramount to create website, I searched online for website developer and sad to say, hiring professionals to create website is not an easy task more so when all the website developer I contacted just seem to want to rob me as I keep getting exorbitant quotes.

Honestly, I was frustrated, not because I could not afford to pay the talent fee of website designers because I can. The problem lies in the fact that I could not stomach paying for a service, I believe grossly overpriced. So, I kept searching until I saw BlueVoda website builder adverts promising an easy way to create website. At first, I was hesitant as I did not think something so good can be free. But after realizing that the website builder has great features was worth trying, I downloaded the software to my computer so I can create website. Take note, once the software downloaded, I can create website even when I was offline, which is a good thing as I can work without connecting to the internet. So, I watched the video tutorials of the website builder and after studying the software and its’ amazing features, I realize that the website builder is certainly the solution to my problem and downloading the software is a smart decision after all.

BlueVoda website builder is great to use, especially when you have no idea on how to create website. Why do I say that the software is the best free tool to create website? Well, based on my experience and the software incredible features, which I think, even a 12-year-old kid can use this website builder to create website without trouble. This is because the software is very easy to use, and since html knowledge is no longer required to create website and the drag and drop feature, I was able to create website without any problems.

Furthermore, the website builder allowed me to create website with unlimited web pages as the website builder contains a lot of pre-designed website templates. In fact, the website builder allowed me to be creative and imaginative, and it is not difficult to do so especially when there are over hundreds of free templates, logos, and website headers in the image library that I can download for free. Aside from the numerous images and templates that I can use freely, I was also happy to find out that the website builder is very easy to use as adding videos, pictures and toolbars were so fast. I added a lot of things to my website, and the result was an attractive, clean and functional website. I couldn’t believe that I was able to create website despite my pathetic computer skills. Yup! I know how to use a computer, but I’m no techie, and this is why I just love the fact that I created a website that even my clients also love.

Oh! Before I forget, I am totally satisfied with their web hosting service and amazed with the one-click publishing of the software. And since there is no need to search for a hosting company as BlueVoda website builder has everything I need, getting my website live was very fast. I just sign up for VodaHost web hosting, and afterwards, my website was live. Pretty cool, huh! Well, this website builder is even cooler as there is no spyware and adware. I highly recommend BlueVoda website builder, especially when you hate paying for overpriced services and just want to create website fast.

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