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How to create a simple website

James has been building and enjoying building simple websites in his free time for a long time now and considers himself something of an expert on the matter, even if he does say so himself. He knows how to make a website and what makes them look good. It used to be the case that he would create website by writing all the html code himself but nowadays he has a powerful little secret up his sleeve. A little time-saving secret called the BlueVoda website builder.

He stumbled across the BlueVoda website builder as a means for him to create website about a year or so ago, quite by accident, as he surfed about the net looking for interesting new technologies and software. He had heard of html editor software before but had never really used one as they seemed complicated, only a slight improvement over having to write all the code yourself anyway.

It was at about the time that James decided that a website was needed for his neighborhood watch group that he downloaded the BlueVoda website builder. It was a move that came to be when he overheard a family member comment that his websites were beginning to look a little … samey. Conceding that even though each of them were brilliant, this was beginning to be the case, he wanted a create website program that would give him as many design the options he required but how, how to make a website that would be fresh, new and interesting.

He found that how to make a website was very straight forward with the BlueVoda website builder; all drag and drop. How to make a website had almost become a process of drawing the website rather than writing it. Start with a blank canvas and add whatever you wanted, however you wanted, wherever you wanted and best of all it was completely free.

He found that he could create and host his BlueVoda created websites in a fraction of the time that it used to take him and add the features that would have otherwise required very complicated scripting which was beyond James. If he thought he knew how to make a website before BlueVoda, in his own eyes he is truly a master of the art now. No more script writing. No more eye aching sessions looking through each line, each anchor and link. Now James can watch the dynamic website appear before his eyes. Drag here, click there, nip and tuck and you have a website.

James will be building websites for a long time to come and at this point, given how quickly he can create website now, his cat should feel lucky that James hasn’t used the BlueVoda website builder to create website for it yet.

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