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How to Design Your Own Website

The internet is here to stay, and as it will only grow bigger with time, it proves a great idea to find an alternative source of income via the internet. I also had another reason to look for a source of income, my college fees. College fees are so high that it’s difficult for the common student to pursue an education without a job.

So instead of sweating it out some place, I thought it better that I look for a job I could pursue in my free time from home, so that I don’t have to waste time travelling and thus get more time to devote to my studies too.

I thought learning how to create website was a great money making option. As there were no schools or learning courses for making websites, I thought it was pertinent to use Google to gather all the required information.

This was when I first encountered the website builder BlueVoda, not only because I could use it to create website, but also because it was free. It is easy to download, which can be done within a few minutes time.

I had already tried various website builders before this, and was not happy with them as some of them did not offer what they had promised and some of them were not as simple and easy to use as they had claimed.

However I was happy with BlueVoda as this was a website builder that fulfilled all its statements in helping you create website. With the help of this website builder, I could easily create website according to my requirements.

The company then sent me the download link I needed. To retrieve this link, I just had to go to my email account to order the link’s retrieval. This is all necessary as it is not possible to create website with this website builder if you don’t download the program to the computer. On downloading it, I first made myself comfortable with the control panel by playing with the available options.

The website builder has a large collection of backgrounds, logos and templates you can use to create website. Its step-by-step instructions are really easy to understand, and offer clear instructions on using all these logos and templates to create website.

In addition to the instructions, the website also has a video that helps walk you through the process to create website. Once I convinced the website builder could easily teach me how to create website, I just had to enter my name and email process to start the downloading process.

There is absolutely no need of knowing any programming or coding language to use this website builder. All you have to do is drag and drop the different elements of a website to its respective places and in the process, create website as per your specifications.

In addition to this, once I got comfortable with the features of the website builder, I learnt how to insert YouTube videos, information request forms, picture galleries, rotating banners and information request forms to websites.

What I felt was my greatest accomplishment while using this website builder to create website was successfully making an entire page for an e-commerce site with the required PayPal buttons.

In other words, once you master the art of making websites with this website builder, you can end up creating not only elementary websites, but even websites with ecommerce features that most people with online businesses today need and order.

I have to say that when I first learnt about this website builder that teaches you to create website for free, I thought there were some hidden costs associated with the tool. However this wasn’t true.

Moreover, there isn’t any adware or spyware associated with the tool. The only thing the website builder asks of you is to use only their sister concern VodaHost, at a meager monthly rent to host the websites you create.

There is also a customer support link to get any help required when you create website. Though I did not have much use of it, I realized that this was important as some larger business clients of mine may require support every now and then.

The website builder helped me not only create website, but also complete my college without any hassles. So now that I have mastered the use of this website builder to create website, I not only can promote myself on the webs, I have created many websites and have many contracted to build. In fact, I think that deciding to be a web designer is a great move I have made and is much more interesting and lucrative than any boring 9 to 5 job!

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