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As an individual who is not a part of the IT industry would wonder and struggle at the thought of making a personal website using a web editor. While he is right in thinking so since many people would have told him how expensive it is to create your own website and keep it live. To create your own website using a web editor and in the traditional manner could be quite exhausting, time consuming and would cost the sky. As a normal person who wants a hobby website to blog and do a little networking, this could be a real set back.

Another option to avoid a web development company is to create you own website. Well, if you look at the traditional method of doing the same, you will need to use a web editor, an image editor, an FTP client and god knows what else. Buying such software itself could be a drain on the pocket by about $1500. Moreover, one has to learn to use the web editor and related software. Such a web editor (FrontPage or DreamWeaver) could be quite complicated to use and you may have to go a computer course to learn it properly and in a structured manner. Not only the fee of the computer course but in such a case you will be also be spending a lot of time on learning the use of web editor which could have an opportunity cost. Is creating your own website worth such effort and cost?

Certainly not..! Well, you could ask one of your friends who knows little web design to do it or you. Is it correct to do so? Better still, you can do it yourself the easier way. To create your own website you could use a web editor that does not need so much learning. You could use a web editor that comes for free and stays free. Good idea, isn’t it? Welcome to the club. The best web editor or website builder you can choose today is the BlueVoda website builder to create your own website. The BlueVoda website builder or web editor is a part of the VodaHost hosting package that you will need anyway to create your own website and get it live.

That does not mean that you cannot use the BlueVoda website builder or web editor without buying the package. You can download just the web editor and use it to create your own website and when you are ready you can buy the hosting for a paltry sum of $7.99 a month. Well, that resolves the setback of around $2000, doesn’t it?

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This website editor is one of the easiest to use to create your own website and it is free for lifetime. Some web editors are free for a certain period of time and then you will need to buy a license for some amount of money. However, BlueVoda web editor is free for life and you can go on and create your own website and doing more with it, whether you buy the hosting package or not. Good news, isn’t it..!

This web editor from BlueVoda is very easy to use and all you need to do is to try it out for some time before you actually build a web site. A day of trying around with this web editor will be enough to create your own website. To create your own website, you will need to understand the workings of the web editor to be successful. This is very important since this web editor being very user friendly, it has more menus than normal software. This web editor is based on the WYSIWIG (What You See IS What You Get) technology and thus is easier to use. Also this web editor integrates the control panel access and an ftp client to upload your website automatically if you opt for the VodaHost hosting package.

BlueVoda supports the use of this web editor completely with professional support backend. The responses are timely and professional, not to mention they are highly knowledgeable. In addition to this BlueVoda also has complete documentation and video tutorials online to guide you to create your own website, step by step using this web editor. In addition to this the web editor software itself is very user friendly and you can actually begin to create your own website almost instantly if you are used to using a computer for some time.

When I began using the BlueVoda web editor or website builder to create your own website, I was completely technically challenged. Today I run a web development business completely on my own and have successfully completed more than twenty websites with this web editor in the past year. All my clients are highly satisfied and happy with my services and keep giving me more referrals and customers so much so that I am unable to handle my order book for some time now. All of them host their web sites with VodaHost since like BlueVoda, VodaHost offers excellent support, a rare commodity in the web hosting business.

With BlueVoda web site builder or web editor, I have not only succeeded in my business but also exceeded my own expectations. In fact, it takes me about an hour to design and make a blog go live using this web editor and the more complicated websites take anywhere from one day to three days. Today, I am capable of creating eCommerce enabled websites in the fastest manner possible. Not bad, for a technically challenged person. In fact, I learnt little in the process of using this web editor and I am still technically ignorant in the web development business.

Today, to create your own website, all you need to do is to download the BlueVoda web editor and get cracking. Believe me, it will hardly take any time before you can create your own website using this web editor and become an automated professional. Download this wonderful web editor today and check it out before you get de-motivated and drop the idea to create your own website.

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