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Knowing the true potential of using the internet to market my soap business, I decided I just had to be part of the World Wide Web. However to become a profitable, highly-visited part of the internet, I needed a website, which I unfortunately did not have.

I was wondering how to make a website and what website design to use, so I approached a few web designers for help in creating an interesting website design for my business. I gave them my specifications and asked for a quote and I was really flabbergasted at their high website design rates!

I just did not want to spend so much on web designers to create website for me so I decided the next best thing to do was to find and use an easy to use piece of website builder software to help me with how to make a website. So I started looking for a website builder on the net for help with how to make a website.

Things did not look bright for me at the offset as most of this type of website builder could only be used to create website only if you knew some HTML already. As I had no knowledge of HTML to use in conjunction with how to make a website, I saw my dreams of going global practically shattering.

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I also didn’t have the time or patience to learn HTML to learn how to make a website. This was when my friend, who knew I was looking for help in how to make a website, introduced me to a great website builder, BlueVoda.

BlueVoda is a great application for all those people looking for that easy and fast answer to how to make a website. The BlueVoda website builder is downloadable for free and comes with free, well defined, online tutorials to help you with how to make a website. With the help of these tutorials, you can create website which is enthralling from scratch, in less than an hour. Seriously.

All I had to do to create website designs was to drag and drop the respective elements (pictures, tables, videos etc.) onto the work-space to create website designs just as I wanted. Even if you don’t have the patience to create website designs, this website builder also has a very wide range of pre-designed website templates that you can choose from and use.

There is no limit to the number of web pages you can fabricate as you create website designs using BlueVoda and you can use it to create website that is one single page or one with multiple pages. There are also no limits to the number of times you create website and if you find some problems on how to make a website, all you have to do is to turn to the BlueVoda forum and tutorials for help.

I am really happy about finding this terrific website builder to create website with as I don’t need any HTML website design knowledge at all in using it to build a website. Moreover, once my website design was completed, all I had to do was a single click and my website went live on the internet. This is mainly because of the fact that when you use the BlueVoda website builder, you use their host VodaHost for all your hosting needs.

The BlueVoda website builder provides the best and cheapest answer to how to make a website and is absolutely a website builder that everyone can use.

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