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How to make a website seems to be one of the popular questions of webmasters? The use of a HTML Editor program or applications that allow you to make a website easily are in vogue nowadays. One of the easiest ways of you to learn how to make a website is by using a website builder, though coders prefer using a HTML Editor  or a web site maker. BlueVoda as a website builder works so well that you may not feel the need of a HTML Editor at all. Learning how to make a website becomes as easy as a 1-2 tango, as you would have expected from a top class website builder.

With the BlueVoda website builder application, you can do away with the chores of having an HTML Editor. With this application, you could easily learn how to make a website which could not have been the case had you used a HTML Editor. And what do you get in return – A sleek and a professional looking website, which will give some of the best website builders a run for their money! Do you still think you should be using a HTML Editor or a web site maker to learn how to make a website?

The key features of the BlueVoda website builder

Think of all possible reasons why you would need a HTML Editor! The BlueVoda application is what it is for its features, which makes it so different from a HTML Editor or a web site maker. BlueVoda takes you through the dark alleys of website designing and makes you learn chapters of how to make a website with ease. It is this that makes it different from the run-of-the-mill HTML Editors. In fact, it is way different from any other web site maker.

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Here are some key features of the BlueVoda website builder

•    No web designing skills or knowledge required if you wish to know how to make a website. HTML Editors are already complaining a loss of business! The instructions of this package are easy and simple, and almost too easy for you to make a website. Unlike an HTML Editor, where if you wish to be a website maker, you will have to spend a lot of time coding, this one saves you a lot of time. Now do you know why BlueVoda scores over any HTML Editor?

•    Pre-designed templates – How about having a set of pre-designed templates? Very few web site makers would be able to provide this. Thinking of what you would be doing with these templates that you received from a website builder! Well, simple – use these templates on your website, much the same way a website maker would have done. Compare this with any other HTML Editor! Would the HTML Editor have offered you this wonderful tool in learning how to make a website?

•    Easy publishing – With the BlueVoda, you get to work with one of the best website builders in the domain. With a HTML Editor at your disposal, you could have taken weeks to design and publish your website. With this application, cut the time down by more than half, giving it a precious time advantage over a HTML Editor.

•    Unlimited Number of sites – With the BlueVoda link, you could create as many websites as you would have ever wanted. This can thus be considered as a renewable web site maker, which can never exhaust its energy! No HTML Editor will give you this kind of feature!

How to start with BlueVoda?

This is not tough as compared to the coding rigmaroles of a HTML Editor. Of course, you need to have a PC with appropriate available bandwidth to help you download the link from the BlueVoda site. Remember, this is not an HTML Editor or a Web site builder or a web site maker for that matter. It is a stand-alone application developed for people like us who have been struggling for years to design a website.

All you have to do is click on the link and download it to your computer. The link is all of 4 MB, so an Internet connection of decent speed should be good enough for this.

Key benefits of BlueVoda

•    Allows you to design websites without any HTML knowledge at all – With BlueVoda, you could do away with your HTML Editor application. Simply use this application, which is not difficult at all, and you will get going on the web designing front.

•    Easy downloading process – BlueVoda beats most other web site makers to the pole in the ease with which they can be downloaded and used. Just click on a link, and within minutes you are ready to go. Does this flexibility exist with any HTML Editor?

•    Works as a web site maker or a website builder, and in fact, works more seamlessly than them – BlueVoda cannot be spoken in the same wavelength as a web site maker or a website builder. The functionality of this application is absolutely amazing, which will make you work with this application like a breeze. No web site maker or HTML Editor can ever come close to this application.

•    Not for a one-time use – Now, this is why the BlueVoda is being rated so highly. With this, you now have a tool with which you could keep designing websites all your life. If you wish to teach others how to make a website, this application could be your best. Even after a year, or maybe even two, you will find that with this application around, you may not need any of those web site makers or website builders around. For that matter, the best of HTML Editors run away from this application.

BlueVoda seems to be the best answer for people who were struggling to know how to make a website. With BlueVoda, not only do people make websites, and easily at that, but they also end up learning on how to make a website. And for all this, they don’t need to know the intricacies of any HTML Editor at all?

BlueVoda – Area of opportunities

In due honesty, it must be said that BlueVoda is one of the most user-friendly web site maker applications in recent times, much more user friendly than any other HTML Editor or other website builders. In fact, it works more than that. It works to ensure people learn how to make a website. This application works much better than any HTML Editor for sure.

If something constructive has to be pointed about BlueVoda, it has to be its instructions. For some people who wished to know how to make a website, the instructions seem to be a bit complex for their liking.

Apart from this, BlueVoda clearly is something you could have throughout your life if you wish to know how to make a website. In terms of comparison, it is miles ahead of any HTML Editor or website builder for that matter of fact!

Overall Rating

Considering its use and effectiveness, BlueVoda gets an overall rating of 4 on 5. It loses out on a perfect 5 only because some people have experienced problems with the instructions. This application works out more than some advantages over HTML Editors.

Final Comments

If you wish to learn how to make a website, do not think of going with a HTML Editor, a web site maker or a website builder! Choose BlueVoda instead, and you will not be disappointed at all. This application works in a very friendly manner, and is available for download by everyone. Think of the best HTML Editors in the market, and you would not find one coming to the competition of BlueVoda.

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