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I have a local business in real estate, located in California. It has been running for a few years now. At the beginning of my business venture, I had a huge problem with the lack of professionalism in the appearance of my website. I tried my best to create a website tailored to my target audience but failed to do so due to the lack of knowledge about website builder software. I consulted with lots of web development firms but I was unable to come up with the amount of money they were charging. As my business was at the beginning stage, I couldn’t afford such an amount of money to have someone create a website for me. I was trying to create a website, in the meantime, juggling with keeping to my budget and making my site look professional and sharp.

For this reason I tried to find a suitable person or software to create a website. While searching on Internet I found a specific website builder software named BlueVoda. I read some cool reviews on the Internet about this website builder software and decided to try to create a website for my business. The most attractive feature of this software is that they are saying, “Everyone can create a website using this website builder without having the knowledge of coding and designing”. For me this was an awesome fact. I started my journey with BlueVoda website builder and being a complete novice, I started following the first tutorial.

It was a very slow start as I was a proper novice with no prior knowledge even remotely related to websites. I followed the instructions using the video tutorials perfectly and installed the website builder software on my computer without any problems. Let me just take a moment to mention that I downloaded the website builder absolutely for free and there were no extra costs related to using the tutorials either. The fact is that I received the entire service without spending a single penny. I built a website within 24 hours of serious concentration and a great feeling of satisfaction, as this website builder is really the easiest thing I had ever used before.

Every single instruction is crystal clear to follow and there are lots of integrated resources available on this website builder to create a website.  Right after that, I decide to build a complete one for my business. I got a cheap hosting service from VodaHost and started gathering resources required to create a website. I managed the contents myself and got some help from a graphics designer to design my logo, and generally advise me on my branding tactics. I chose a free template from their collection.  I was actually really impressed with their awesome collection of website templates. I started editing the template with my own resources.

I put in a lot of work for my website as I wanted it to be something exceptional. This website builder software helps you create a website in so many ways that I finished a draft layout within the first week. When I asked some of my friends to have a look at the work I had completed, they got real confused and thought I was playing a trick on them. I really got a lot of positive support and feedback from my friends and they encourage me to carry on moving forward. I made some final touches with the draft layout and uploaded a complete website on their hosting. I faced a few problems at the beginning because I had no idea what I was doing but I got every type of help from the customer service department that VodaHost has. They did everything possible to help me reach my goals and also gave me some helpful tips on regular maintenance. I can’t believe that I was able to create a website which is now live on Internet! From the moment I began using this website builder everything ran so smoothly. I am still so thankful for the help I got from this website builder to create a website.

Now my business is thriving and there are lots of changes happening to the website’s functionality and look but I have not since changed the original layout. I just fell in love with this website builder and after building my own website I decided I would create a website for some of my friends. I did not create a website for money but it felt good to be able to create a website using BlueVoda website builder. I still feel the same way about BlueVoda website builder and will recommend that everyone uses this software to create a website for their small business. I still cannot believe that the first website I built cost me only a few dollars to design and host a website. Lots of people are spending thousands of dollars to build websites and they really do not know what they are missing! I suggest everyone tries using BlueVoda just once. It will undoubtedly be a great experience for all of you.

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