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Spending all your time and money to design website?

Why spend your time and money running around behind expensive website developers and designers when you can design website yourself at a fraction of that cost? This thought crossed my mind when I decided I would design website for my business, and start my online business of selling old coins and other antique stuff. An e-commerce website is not simple; it involves a number of elements- a user-friendly navigation system, online search in real time, regular one-click updating of inventory, a foolproof payment system, and a massive database. Every item has its own web page on the website. So, if I have 30 categories, and each category has 200 items, my website would become a rather large website with over 6000 web pages! Let us assume that a web developer charges 300$ for website creation, and another 50$ per page. A simple calculation would bring to notice that a website with 100 web pages would cost over 5000$. Now that is a lot of money by any standard for website creation.

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I did not have that kind of money to spend on website creation. I was looking for an alternative to help me design website in less money. However, I was not willing to compromise on features too. After talking to my colleagues at work, and doing my own little research on the Internet, I learned about the concept of website builder. A website builder, I read, helps you to design a website automatically and make the website creation process an interesting one. I had no idea as how to choose the right website builder to design website for my e-commerce business. However, reading reviews on website creation tools, website builder and other software helped me understand how the whole system works. I was eager to try a website builder for my business.

I came to know about the BlueVoda website creation software. The website of BlueVoda talked about some of its powerful features that can help design website in less than 2 hours. This amazed me. This website builder had no spyware or boring advertisements. There was no limit to creating websites using BlueVoda website builder. The user manual and videos of this website creation tool were simple to follow. I learned how to design website using the step-by-step instructional demos and user manual that came with BlueVoda.

I used the drag and drop feature to simplify the process of website creation. I chose from the available web templates to try various styles and colors to my website. I integrated my website with a certified payment system too. In order to design website with BlueVoda website builder, I did not have to do much. I did not learn HTML language to design website using BlueVoda website builder. The BlueVoda website builder is a wonderful website creation system for people who want to design website on their own. This platform has completely won my trust. Its user-friendly features, coupled with its highly advanced website creation tools, help design website in no time.

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