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I run a store in Denver that sells hand-made products and handicrafts. I have been running this business since around early 2000 and the business kept doing quite well until mid 2003 when the revenue and the growth rate suddenly started falling. I had expected a particular kind of growth for my business but suddenly things didn’t seem to be going that well. All my fellow traders and small business owners had a website builder and done create website launches of their own. This was when I made up my mind to create website that would assist me in the promotion and advertising of my store.

First I thought that I would hire a professional to create website for my store or ask a computer savvy friend to show me how to make a website but then it occurred to me that I wanted a website that was in my style and that wouldn’t involve too much cost. As far as my create website project was concerned, I was very particular about what I wanted. It was suggested to me that I use BlueVoda to learn how to make a website myself and then create website exactly the way I wanted. The first thing I needed to do before I could go ahead with my grand how to make a website plans was to download this website builder that could easily guide my create website venture and teach me exactly how to make a website. The website builder website claimed that absolutely anyone could, without any difficulty, find out how to make a website using BlueVoda website builder.

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Initially I carried out a lot of research for a payware website builder which could show me how to make a website but most of the website building software that I came across required me to have basic knowledge of web designing and were very costly. I had no idea about all this and the unavailability of an easy-to-use website builder was really demoralizing me. It was at about this time when my friend suggested using BlueVoda website builder. It looked a bit like an oasis in the desert and I knew I had struck gold the moment I saw its outstanding web templates. As I started working with this create website software I was really glad to see my site taking shape from the very first day and I learned how to make a website in a very, very short space of time. It was all so exciting for a non-tech person like me. Within just a few hours I had learned to create website with a really cool, professional look.

The best thing about this application is that it doesn’t just let you create website but also helps you to update the site and edit it as and when required. Initially I made use of BlueVoda website builder to just create website and get it done but once I had learned how to make a website, I also started using the website builder for adding promotional attributes and updating all the information. When I saw that this software allowed adding e-commerce features too, I thought it would be a great idea to have an online store. This tool has now enabled me to carry out online business and thus, indirectly, the BlueVoda website builder has actually helped me expand my business from just my city to the entire region. Soon I will be targeting a global audience. One of the best things about this how to make a website software is that I didn’t have to pay a single penny to learn how to make a website and the amount of satisfaction I got by doing everything myself is really beyond explanation.

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