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As a first time writer I found it very hard to get my novel published with the traditional publishers. So I turned to the next best thing, I self-published my work with a publisher who didn’t charge me anything. I was happy until I found that although I was a ‘published’ author, nobody was buying my book.

I told my friend who happened to be a geek and she said that probably nobody had heard about the book. She advised me to find a good website maker to build website from which I could not only publicize my work but also market it. So I started looking around for a website builder of repute and found that most website makers charge exorbitant fees. Since I had only started as a writer without much financial resources, I wanted to find a website maker who charged a reasonable fee to build website, in comparison to some other website builder who were demanding premium fees to make a website for me.  Another friend suggested BlueVoda website builder to build website for my brand new novel. And I lost no time in availing myself of the services of the website builder.

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Now I had the services of the BlueVoda, the reputed website maker all right, to build website in order to showcase and market my work. But I knew nothing about how to build website of my own. I was a virtual novice in the field and could not even differentiate between a website and a blog. I didn’t know what a URL meant and I was simply in the dark about hotlinks. But I didn’t have to worry at all, because BlueVoda came to my rescue to make it very easy to build website with all the necessary to tools.

First of all, the famous website maker offered me with a host of templates to build website of my choice.  I became more confident enough to build website when I found that my website maker has provided me with several tutorial videos for me to make my own website to market my novel. BlueVoda, the website builder has made the video in concise and efficient manner so that I could follow my website maker instructions quite easily. My website builder really explained to me through the tutorials without being too technical. By downloading the BlueVoda website builder software, my website maker made it easy for me to build website.

My friends were surprised to learn that I was able to build website all by myself. At such times I thought of BlueVoda the website builder of repute and raised my eyes in fervent thanks to my website maker. And in the process I myself have become a website maker.

Then I started marketing my novel using the website that I created with the aid of BlueVoda, the website builder. To that end BlueVoda provided me with unlimited email accounts, websites and such. With its help I also incorporated things into my website like buttons to various links, a shopping cart, and other necessary features like the option to pay by credit card or PayPal.

Now as orders come from all around the world to buy my novel, I simply close my eyes and thank my lucky stars and also BlueVoda website builder which made it possible.

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