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Michelle owns her own retailing business which makes dresses for brides, bridesmaids, and the mothers of the brides but her business was quite a small scale one. She had several clients but it was her dream to be known worldwide for the quality and style of her dresses. She was considering ways to popularize her retail business and figured: What could be better than to create website for my dressmaking business?

Michelle liked the idea more and more and began to figure out the cost/profit analysis of her various alternatives. She had no idea at all about how to create website and neither, unfortunately, could she afford a professional website developer. Then, one day while surfing the internet, she came across the BlueVoda website builder, which she found to be a unique tool to use to create website in quick and easy steps. Michelle didn’t waste a moment; she downloaded, installed and began using the website builder. She found it wonderful from the word “Go” as she went through the tutorials and before the week was out, she had a beautiful and a professional website for her business.

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Michelle is a very creative person and she used her creativity all the while she was using the website builder too. She planned to create website with more use of images, videos and animations using flash. Michelle also added an online shop where she had various dresses for sale and for this she added a shopping cart with PayPal integrated. She regularly updates her website with new dresses and style tips. The BlueVoda website builder tools also enabled her to create a blog section where she posts useful articles on fashion and dressmaking. Michelle also added new features to her own business with BlueVoda; a special section featuring limited edition dresses, theme based dresses and celebrity-like dresses for her customers to select online.

Her website has boosted her sales and she is very thankful to the BlueVoda website builder for giving her an opportunity to explore the true potential of her business. She is now almost as interested in how to create website as she is in making dresses. Her knowledge about the working of the internet is now quite expansive and she likes to share it with new users of the BlueVoda website builder. Now she is an active member on the BlueVoda website builder forum who gives various tips and advices about how to create website using the website builder program to new users.

She is a regular visitor to the BlueVoda website builder forum and writes about her tips and ideas to create website with minimum hassles and maximum advantages to your business. Her own experience of using this tool to create website has impressed Michelle so much that she is also looking forward to diversifying her business and to create website for services other than her dressmaking.

Michelle is a vibrant person who is fond of improving her knowledge. The BlueVoda website builder tools to use to create website have helped her lot to get a better understanding in this field and in keeping her business up to date with the fast-paced technological world. “Thanks BlueVoda!” says Michelle.

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