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Chris and Lucy are married and in the restaurant industry. They started out with a small eatery serving hotdogs, coffee and burgers but soon, as their food was such a hit amongst their patrons they managed to expand into a restaurant in a relatively small space of time. Their popularity was increasing but they were known only at a local level and so they desperately wanted better branding and awareness for their restaurant. They figured this would mean more revenue.

After some lengthy discussions they decided to create website to get word out to the masses about their restaurant. Neither of them was very read-up on the technology so they decided on using the BlueVoda website builder tool they had found on the web to simplify things. Very quickly they realized that the idea to create website for their restaurant with the BlueVoda website builder was a great decision.

The BlueVoda website builder made the whole experience a smooth one. Chris and Lucy were able to create website within just a few days. They added various features in their website: a flash banner on the home page displaying various glorious pictures of the restaurant. They also added the option for customers to reserve tables in advance for a partial advanced payment. Their website also features chef’s specials on a regular basis. The BlueVoda website builder not only enabled them to create website but also to update it whenever they wanted.

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They created a feedback section in their website where their customers could post comments about their experiences in the restaurant and since they successfully managed to create website, they have been getting great responses from their guests. The picture gallery section is very popular among their patrons as they can post their own pictures (while in the restaurant) on the website.

The BlueVoda website builder tool was such a helpful for restaurateurs Chris and Lucy. They were able to learn what their customers wanted and change their menu accordingly. This really helped them in opening up two more restaurants in the neighboring towns. Chris and Lucy feel they owe their success to the BlueVoda website builder; nothing could have been better for them than working to create website for their restaurants.

Today they have five restaurants in different locations and a common website that contains all the information their customers could want. Their guests never seem to get tired of writing of their experiences on the website. The BlueVoda website builder has helped them to attain what they never could have even dreamt of. They now know how to create website and in such a way, that it leaves a real impact on the visitors.

They believe that it is a great idea to download the free BlueVoda website builder kit and create website for your business if you don’t have enough money to spare for a professional to make one for you. The easy steps will guide you through the various steps to create website and make you feel relaxed.

Chris and Lucy are all set to keep expanding their business and keep adding new features and change existing ones easily using the BlueVoda website builder. According to them, nothing can be better to use to create website than BlueVoda. One of the big advantages of this website builder, they say, is it gives you knowledge and saves you time and money and that really helps you to look into the core values of your business.

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